Free Fundraising Kits

A list of free fundraising kits and guides.

Reviewing free fundraising kits is a brilliant way to do research for your fundraising campaign.

Through these guides you can find fundraising ideas and fundraising products!

BUT more importantly you will find what products are currently popular, successful and profitable!!!

You should also be able to see what types of profit margins you will get for different fundraisers.

The fundraising kits will also give info on the different benefits of each fundraiser and/or fundraising products.

It's all information that you want, for when evaluating what fundraising ideas to use!

Below you will find links to free fundraising kits from companies that I would recommend.

Plus some info on what to do with these free fundraising information guides!

Free Information Fundraiser Kits:

I'd suggest you order all the Free Fundraising kits below and review all the fundraisers available... After all they are free!

A list of free fundraising kits and guides.

Then you can also do a Google Search down below to find more companies that offer free info kits.

Here are some fundraising kits that you can grab...

For non-US Fundraisers (or if you want more fundraising kits to review) use the Google Search below to find Free Fundraising Info Kits in your country/ area...

Remember to type in your area or country in the search!

What To Do With These Free Guides:

Obviously the first thing is to actual order them. Most of the free fundraising kits are simple downloads off the internet. Simple and easy!

Then it's time to look through the different fundraisers available and to evaluate which ones would work best for your cause or organization...

  • On a popularity level - Will that fundraiser or product be popular or of interest to your supporters?
  • On the profit margins - What you will make from the different products if you sell 'so many'...? Which fundraisers will give you the best profits?
  • And on Hassle or Effort - How hard will this fundraiser be to run? How much effort will need to be put in to make it successful? Etc.

Once you've done that evaluation you should have a few fundraisers that stick out.

Choose your top five and then discuss with your fundraising committee which fundraiser they think would be the best fundraising idea to use out of those five!

Obviously if there is one particular fundraiser that will just clearly be far more successful for your group, then that should be the one you use.

Recommended Fundraising Company:

SSA - Online Apparel Fundraising Stores Customizable to Your Organization

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