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Fast Track Fundraising (FTF) is an American based fundraising company that provides a wide range of excellent fundraising products and ideas!

Since 2002 FTF has been helping non-profits, schools, churches, sports teams, individuals and many other groups raise funds successfully.

They are a company that has some superb and even innovative fundraisers that are proven to be profitable.

Obviously you must realize that not every fundraising idea will suite every group or cause...

But the great thing about Fast Track is that no matter what your group or cause is; you will still be able to find at least one fundraiser that will work really well for you!

Please Note: FTF was recently acquired by Easy Fundraising Ideas. Their website is still up and functioning, except that all the fundraisers and products are actually EFI's.

And also note that I actually recommend GA Fundraising for your fundraising products. Click to grab their FREE info guide.

Fundraising Ideas:

Fast Track Fundraising has a very good selection of fundraising products and ideas. Three of their fundraisers are available worldwide while the rest are only available in the USA.

Below you will find a list of the ideas and products that FTF provides...

A review of Fast Track Fundraising and their products and solutions available! Like Cookie Dough Fundraising. (Photo by Nick Ares / Flickr)

Positives About FTF:

There are many positives about Fast Track Fundraising, of which some of them I covered in the introduction.

I'd like to briefly touch on few more Positive factors...

  • FTF has really excellent and high quality products. You won't be selling junk!
  • The fundraisers/products are really easy to order.
  • FTF has an excellent customer care record and they are quick to help and answer questions when needed! I have personally found that their email replies are always prompt and full of the info I've been asking for!
  • They have excellent profit margins from 50% all the way up to 90%. Most of their fundraisers also have an increasing profit margin depending on the amount you sell. So the more you sell the better your profits are!
  • Fast Track Fundraising is well established. They have been around since 2002 and have helped many groups raise loads of funds. They really do know what they are doing.
  • And lastly they offer great fundraisers. They have all the experience to know what fundraisers work and what don't, and so they offer the fundraisers that are proven to be profitable and successful!

Fast Track Fundraising Testimonials:

Below are a few testimonials about FTF that you can have a look at.

"Fast Track was quick about getting my orders delivered. Since we only had a few days in which to go out selling, we were thankful for the quickness in the delivery. Also, having the 10 day delay in payment helped out. I will definitely do business with this company again." - Tammy From 'New Hope Volleyball'

"I had an impossible request for turnaround time and the people at Fast Track made it happen without hesitation. It also helps that the profit is 90% on this particular fundraiser!!! Thank you so much! You all have made the impossible possible, and we could never repay you!!! We look forward to doing business next year!" - Rob Torrissi From 'Marlton Chiefs Competitive Cheerleading Program'

"Extremely friendly, prompt, helpful, lucrative. You guys have been awesome so far! You responded to all of my emails and phone calls immediately, and helped me with all of my problems. Hopefully we will be reordering soon! Thanks!" - Brandon Seidel From 'Council Rock South FBLA'

Ready to Start Fundraising?

If you would like to find out more about the fundraisers that Fast Track Fundraising (now Easy Fundraising Ideas) offers then visit the EFI website.

Or click here to grab a FREE fundraising guide from GA Fundraising, my recommended fundraising company.

And if you haven't already... Setup your FREE online Donation / Fundraising page here.

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