Profitable Fundraiser Cards: Dinner & Movie Discount Cards

Just like all other discount fundraiser cards, the profitable dinner and movie discount cards are a WIN-WIN-WIN fundraising idea.

This page is going to show you how to use them profitably for your fundraising!

So Why Is It Win-Win-Win?

  • You win because you raise some really great funds!
  • Your supporters win because they receive great discounts for dinner and movies!
  • And the Restaurants and Movie houses win because they receive more customers!

Pretty simple hey, but awesome hey?!

Just like all other discount fundraiser cards, the profitable dinner and movie discount cards are a WIN-WIN-WIN fundraising idea.

Will It Work For You?

Well, to decide whether this fundraising idea will work for you or your organization, all you have to ask is, "Do our supporters or potential customers enjoy eating out and going to movies?" - And, "Do they enjoy Discounts?"

If the answer is YES, then the dinner and movie discount cards are a fundraiser that will be successful and profitable for you!

As long as you organize and run it effectively...

Acquiring Your Fundraising Cards:

Obviously one of your first steps when setting up your fundraiser will be to source your discount cards.

I'd would personally recommend you us the dinner and movie fundraiser cards from EFI.

For other Discount Card options take a look here.

Unfortunately these cards are only Supplied in America, so if you are non-US you will be unable to use them.

There are of course many other companies worldwide that provide discount fundraising cards and you can find local companies by doing a simple Google search below...

Maximizing Sales & Profits
For Your Fundraiser Cards:

There are two ways of maximizing your sales and profits with dinner and movie discount cards...

1. By Using A Sales Team:

You will need to recruit a sales team from your members, supporter, or students.

Firstly you must decide who your sales team will be.

This will of course totally depend on what your organization or cause is. So... will it be your immediate friends and family? Your fundraising committee? Your PTA association? Your youth group? Or all your kid's at school?

If you have a youth group, then it would definitely be an idea to get all your kid's involved!

But I would suggest that you get them to take orders for the cards, rather than actually take a heap of cards to sell...

They might very well lose or misplace the cards before they sell them!

Find some ideas on how to recruit volunteers here.

Sales Pitch Guideline:

Then prepare your team with a brief sales pitch guideline using the words "help" and "because".

"Hi, I'm from Middleton High School and we're selling discount dinner and movie fundraiser cards. We're doing this to help our school fundraise because we need to build a new school library. So do you like going out for dinner and going to the movies?"

Then motivate them and encourage them to sell as many cards as they can to friends, family and anyone interested!

Use A Sales Incentive:

Always consider using a sales incentive for extra motivation. This works really well with kids, and if you have really great prizes, the kids will go nuts to sell as many cards as they can.

In Jack Atwell's excellent eBook, "Let's Raise Money" (read my review), he talks about how important it is to have a sales incentive and how well it can boost your amount of sales and therefore your profits!

So a sales incentive is a really great idea!

2. By Promoting & Marketing Thoroughly:

Your other way of maximizing profits will be to advertise and market your fundraiser as much as possible.

Don't just leave it up to your sales team. You must let as many people know about your dinner and movie fundraiser cards as you can!

The more who know about the cards - that will save them money - the more cards you will sell. And therefore, the more money you will fundraise!

Learn how to use Dinner & Movie Discount Cards to fundraise profitably.

Here are some advertising ideas you can use...

  • Advertise and promote your discount cards through your fundraising website, your newsletters, and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Email all your supporters, friends, and family, and encourage them to forward your email on.
  • Use word of mouth.
  • Use flyers, posters and adverts in local news prints.
  • Advertise at all your events and at other local events. Also have your sales team going around at these events selling the discount cards!

For more great promoting ideas read here.

Finishing Notes:

The dinner and movie discount fundraising cards are a superb fundraising idea that is becoming extremely popular.

It's a fundraiser that you should definitely consider doing. So ask yourself if your supporters enjoy eating out and going to the movies...

And if they do, then order your discount fundraiser cards, prepare a sales team, start marketing, and then raise those much needed funds!

Good Luck!

Ready To Get Started?

Then head over to EFI and take a look through their Discount Cards.

And if you haven't already... Setup your FREE online Donation / Fundraising page here.

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