Funny Fundraising Ideas

Bored of the same old fundraisers?

Well, here are some funny fundraising ideas that you can use to spruce up your fundraising this year!

Get involved and have a laugh! Make them as fun as possible for your supporters!


Because that will get them coming back, begging for more!

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Funny Fundraisers:

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A Comedy Evening | Pie in the Face | Worm Charming | The Knockdown Course | Kiss the Pig Contest | Clown Show

Funny Fundraising Ideas - Comedy Evening. Learn more... (Photo by TheeErin / Flickr)

A Comedy Evening:

This is the no brainer funny fundraiser... A comedy evening.

Find a local comedian that will help out for a good price and hold an evening with dinner, drinks and laughs!

Have the theme be 'funny dress' to add to the fun.

You will raise funds through ticket sales, drink sales, raffles or an auction, and through other fundraising products like your fundraising apparel.

Grab a Free Fundraising Product Guide GA Fundraising (USA & Canada only) to see what products you could use!

Pie In The Face:

Get someone of importance, like the school headmaster, to volunteer for pie treatment and then set a target of funds needed for that person to receive the pie.

You'll then get people to donate funds to see him receive the pie in the face. This is really fun and funny for kids and can be a great laugh for the parents as well!

Also consider having a "Pie-Off", where you’ll have a few volunteers and people can sponsor donations to the person that they want to see get the pie in the face.

Set a specified time for all sponsorships to be in and the person who has received the most funds receives the pie!

Worm Charming (Or Worm Grunting):

This is a unique and funny fundraising idea that is unbelievably popular. It's a real laugh as you watch contestants trying to raise worms to the surface.

It's an event where you will divide a piece of land up into evenly marked squares. Then you'll sell out squares to contestants who'll take part in the charming competition!

You'll either have teams or individuals, who will try charm as many worms to the surface and capture them in a set amount of time.

Worms are highly sensitive to sound vibrations and will rise to the surface when something like a garden fork is jammed into the ground and banged.

Funny Fundraising Ideas - Worm Charming. What on earth is this??? Learn more...

Obviously who ever captures the most worms will win the event!

Like any other event you will raise funds from entrance fees, food and drinks stands, other stands, raffles, and through your other fundraising products!

The Knockdown Course:

Have you ever watched Wipeout Australia or Wipeout America?

It's one of the funniest TV game shows you'll ever see! Why? Because we love seeing people wipe out and have fun!

The great thing is you can do something similar as a fundraising event!

Design an obstacle course where contestants have to use their strength and agility to get through and where they will get knocked down on the odd occasion!

Remember to always take safety into account and make sure you've taken all the right procedures to ensure that!

Kiss The Pig Contest:

This is one of the best funny fundraising ideas you could use!

Like the pie in the face fundraiser you will find volunteers (5 is a good number) who will be willing to kiss a pig.

Then you will have people vote for who will kiss the pig.

And they vote through donations!

At the end of the set time the volunteer with the most votes (Donations) will get the pleasure of smooching the pig.

It can be a lot of fun and will get very exciting if you build some buzz around it. Keep people informed about each contestants figures and which contestant is leading.

This will get people more involved in trying to get the person they are voting for to win...

And if there's excitement and competition... You’ll raise more funds!!!

A Clown Show:

This is the last of the funny fundraising ideas here...

And it's one that will be really great for kids!

Have a clown show and get those kids laughing. You'll raise funds from entrance fees, drink and snack sales, and a raffle for the parents!

Some Ending Suggestions:

For more funny fundraising ideas and other profitable fundraisers read Jack Atwell's "Let's Raise Money".

It's an excellent book that will increase your fundraising profitability.

And please make sure that you take photos of all your events so that you can use them in your Fundraiser Calendars and Photo Books!

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