Get Paid Per Click Fundraising

Get paid per click contextual advertising is a fantastic way of fundraising over the internet!

You will need a website to do this internet fundraising idea though.

But if you have a website that sees a decent amount of traffic (or visitors) coming through it on a monthly basis, this can be a very profitable fundraiser!

Contextual advertising has been a form of great income for many webmasters and internet entrepreneurs over the past decade.

It has also been the funding that has kept a lot of informational and advisory websites live on the web.

The most powerful and best paying contextual advertiser is Google with their famous Google Adsense.

There are many others like Kontera, Chitika and WidgetBucks, but I will only be talking about Google Adsense and Infolinks as they are the two I would recommend!

Let's take a closer look...

Get Paid Per Click Advertising:

Contextual advertising has a basic principle of operation behind it, even though it runs off very complex algorithms and technology.

Essentially there are three parts to Get Paid Per Click contextual advertising:

  1. The advertisers,
  2. The advertising networks like Google Adsense, and,
  3. The publishers (websites that publish the adverts).

The advertising networks are the link between the hundreds of thousands of advertisers and all the publishers.

Through their special codes that they provide to the publishers, the ad networks are able to scan the publishers specific web pages and place the most relevant adverts to those pages.

Pretty clever right?!

Then every time someone clicks on an advert on your website, that advertiser will pay the ad company a pay per click fee and you will then receive a certain percentage of that advertising fee!

How much the fee is will depend on how much advertising competition there is for the specific keyword that the advert has been associated with.

For example:

An advert on this page might be associated with the keyword "get paid per click", and if there are loads of adverts competing for this keyword then the fee will be quite high, but if there are only a few adverts, then the fee will be a lot lower. Make sense?

If you would like to capitilize on this type of online income then I would suggest you build a Content Website through Site Build It!

Or if you would rather a professional sets up your fundraising website for you then I would recommend Sitesell's Services!

Let's now have a look at Google Adsense and Infolinks...

Google Adsense:

Google ads are the ad blocks that you will find on most websites.

The ad block just below the first paragraph on this page is a Google Adsense ad block and it is these ads that help pay for the maintenance and upkeep of this website!

Google Adsense is definitely the best paying advertising partner and is the first contextual advertiser that I would suggest you start with.

Ad Types:

They have two types of ad blocks that vary greatly in size and shape...

  1. The first one has the actual adverts in the block (the ad Block under the first paragraph on this page),
  2. And the second type has keywords in the block that link through to a page, with all the adverts for that keyword, on that page (the ad block at the bottom of this page)!

I would highly recommend Google Adsense to anyone wishing to use 'get paid per click' contextual advertising as a means of fundraising.

You can register and use Google Adsense by clicking here. Please remember to read the guidelines and policies when registering and incorporating the ads on your website.

If you are a Site Build It! webmaster (the webhost I use), you will find some excellent videos, in the action guide , and articles, in the tips and techniques section, that will help you set up your Google ads for most effectiveness on your website.

Another small thing that makes Site Build It! so brilliant!


Infolinks works a bit differently to Google Adsense, by not having ad blocks but by attaching ads to specific words on your webpage.

Those words are then highlighted and have a double underline.

When someone hovers their mouse over those words an ad then pops up above the word that is relevant to it.

You then obviously get paid per click every time someone clicks on one of those ads!

Not as Lucrative:

Infolinks unfortunately doesn't pay nearly as much as Google.

They most likely pay you the same percentage of the advertising fee, but quite simply Google has such a huge network and has so much more competition, that their average cost per click is a lot higher for the advertisers!

Even though this is the case I have still found infolinks very worthwhile, and the best addition or alternative out of all the other contextual advertisers around (There are many of them!).

Here is why I recommend them...

Their ads are easy to incorporate onto your web pages. Simply place their code at the bottom of your page and it does the rest (which is a lot easier then Google Adsense).

You are able to place their ads on the same pages that you have Google ads as this doesn't contradict Google's policies because the Infolinks' ads are of a different format and won't get confused with the Google ads.

And you still receive decent revenue from them!

To register and use Infolinks click here.

Abide By The Policies:

Please do yourself a big favor by reading and abiding by all the policies that the advertising companies have.

For example never ever encourage people to click on adverts, or mislead visitors into thinking that the adverts are just ordinary links. This is extremely dishonest and you will be caught!

The last thing you want is for your account to be suspended or closed, and then lose that revenue stream or that potential revenue stream that could start coming in for you!

By keeping it real and being honest, you will see much better results in the long run, than by trying to be sneaky and earn a couple of extra bucks now!

So Follow The Guidelines And Policies!!!

Recommended Resource:

The Affiliate Masters Guide (Right Click To Download) has some great advice on using Get Paid Per Click Advertising on your websites and I'd definitely recommend you read it.

It's free to download right off this site!

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