A Unique Fundraising Idea -
Sustainable Fundraising Through A Content Website

This is a unique fundraising idea that most groups would never ever think of!

In fact I doubt very much that any organization has ever used it before.

But on a personal or business level, a well made content website provides an amazing opportunity for continuous income!

A recurring passive income - essentially, an asset based income.

Which means that once set up, it will continue to pay out for as long as it's up, without you having to do much work to maintain it!

Unique Fundraising Idea with a content website... (Photo by Eddie Van 3000 / Flickr)

Therefore this unique fundraising idea is really a social enterprise.

For me, it's one of the best long term fundraisers that any organization or individual could use!

I would highly, HIGHLY recommend it to any group... After all, it's what makes me a living!

So What Is A Content Website?

This is a content website!

A content site is a website that provides information or advice on a certain niche or subject.

Not just any information though... But top quality information that creates real value for people searching the internet!

Once built, it will attract natural traffic (FREE VISITORS) through the Search Engines. That free traffic can then be turned into income through multiple monetization models (Income generators)...

For example: Through contextual advertising like Google Ads; through niche related affiliate partners; Site sponsors; and pay per lead referral services etc.!

And as a fundraising cause, you have an extra way of monetizing that other content sites don't (more on this further down).

So How Much Money Can This Unique Fundraising Idea Generate On A Monthly Basis?

Well, that will totally depend on the demand of your niche/topic, how much traffic is generated and how well you pre-sell and monetize that traffic...

But... an established website can generate anywhere between $500 and $5000 a month in passive income. How's that for a profitable unique fundraising idea!

And if you sell a product, like an eBook, you could definitely make above that.

That wouldn't be the only benefit of this unique fundraising idea though! You would also be creating awareness about your cause to a far wider audience!!!

Remember though that the website would not be about your cause, but through the site you would be able to make people aware of it.

For example you could have a simple disclaimer in the right hand column saying that this website is in aid of "YOUR CAUSE", with a link to your organization website. Or you could use the extra idea of monetizing which you'll read about further down.

The great thing is that you are not limited to one website either... You can build as many as you want! Therefore the income potential is limitless!

So Are You Guaranteed Success?

Of course not!

But... By following the right process, using the correct tools, and sticking to it, you've got a 99.999999% chance of succeeding! How do I know this?

  1. From my own personal experience and success!
  2. And from the multitude of people I know online who, by using the same process and tools, have been positively successful.Their stories and the help they provide each other and myself have been a true inspiration for me!

And I would like to mention that once the funds start coming in; you will start to realize why this unique fundraising idea is so rewarding.

But I'll tell you now anyway... It's because it maintains a steady and continuous income of funds (no matter how big or small it may be). It sustains.

You do the work now of setting this unique fundraising idea up; and reap the rewards forever on!!!

So How Do You Build A Successful Content Based Website?

Simply by using a 10 step process that was originally designed by Ken Evoy, a man I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for.

His company, Site Build It! (SBI!), now provides a platform for thousands of people across the world to build solid web businesses: Most of them, like myself, having no prior web experience or knowledge.

The system is there and proven; All you need to bring to this unique fundraising idea is some Brain and Motivation.

Let's look at the Process...

The Proven SBI! Process:

The 10 step action guide to building a successful e-Business, or in your case an online social enterprise, hinges on the process called CTPM.

Content - Traffic - Pre-Sell - Monetize.

Your top quality Content attracts free Traffic from the search engines.

These targeted visitors will become Pre-Sold (about you and your business) because of the quality of information you deliver and will then generate an income for you through multiple ways of Monetizing (like Google ads and Affiliate referrals etc.).

Unique Fundraising Idea With a Content Website! You've got love the Internet...

This process was first introduced to me through SBI's free eBook the Affiliate Masters Course. A read I would highly recommend.

After that I spent serious time researching this process, as well as SBI!...

And the rest is history. Well, it's Rewarding-Fundraising-Ideas.com actually.

Through the Affiliate Masters Course; SBI's Action Guide; their invaluable research, building, and analyzing tools; and through the help on their forums, I have been able to build an amazingly successful website.

Although my website is still quite young and far from being complete, I am now able to make a full living out of it.

And that's just as an individual... Imagine what you could do with the collective work of a group!!!

And like I said further above; I am not alone.

There are thousands of others who have used the same process and platform to build successful e-Businesses through information based websites. To read about some of these successes take a look at these case studies .

To get a better idea on the basic process and how this online business (Social Enterprise) opportunity can work for you and your group, I'd like you to take a look at the video below...

And then this unique fundraising idea only gets better with content 2.0...

So What Is Content 2.0?

Content 2 is simply content that is created by visitors to your website. Content that you never had to create, but content that you can monitor, edit and delete!

All around this site you will find content invitations for visitors to add their stories, fundraising ideas, successes and failures. They then have the pleasure of having a web page of their own, which is attributed to them, built live on the web.

In fact on most SBI! sites you will find these same invitations.

It's one of the most amazing SBI! tools that will add so much value to your website... and will also help take out some of the work needed in building it further.

So what does this content that you never had to create do?

It helps you generate more FREE traffic! The thing that all online businesses need to survive.

To find out more about why SBI! 2.0 is so powerful read here. Take time to note how many pages are built by visitors on some of the named SBI! sites there.

Now let's look at how you'll continually raise funds through this unique fundraising idea...

Monetizing Models - Raising Funds Through Your Website:

Once you have created enough content, your traffic will start growing and soon enough you will be ready to monetize your site.

It is suggestible to wait till your website is reasonably established before you monetize, but you will get all the right guidance about this through the SBI! Action Guide .

Here are a few ways you can raise money through this unique fundraising idea...

Contextual Advertising With Google Ads:

Contextual advertising for many sites is their main form of income.

It is a type of advertising where advertisers are linked to publishers on the context of their pages, which means that relevant and on topic adverts will be shown.

With Google Adsense, being the largest and most lucrative contextual advertising company, you are able to design advertising blocks (like the ones seen on this site) with code that will automatically place relevant adverts to your pages.

Then every time someone clicks on one of those ads, the advertiser will pay Google a fee, and you will receive a percentage of that advertising fee (somewhere around 60%).

Obviously Google is the top context advertiser but there are others that you can use in conjunction with them, like Infolinks and Kontera.

For more on fundraising with contextual ads read here...

Affiliate Partnerships:

Instead of advertising, many online companies opt to use affiliate programs to market their products or services.

As an affiliate partner of one of these companies you are able to refer your traffic to them, ideally through in-text recommendations. If one of these referred visitors then performs a desired action, like purchasing of a product, you will receive a commission for that action.

I would suggest that you make sure that any company, service, or product that you recommend is of the highest quality.

By recommended good quality merchants you will continue to build a solid reputation on the web!

You can find suitable affiliate partners at Linkshare and Share A Sale .

Read more about Affiliate Fundraising here...


At a certain stage you will be receiving enough traffic to have advertisers wanting to use your website to advertise their products.

You can set up advertising deals with these merchants that will bring in set funds every single month.

You will find all the required guidance and advice for setting up advertising contracts through SBI! when the time is right for your website.

Once again you should only ever set up advertising deals with companies or merchants that are good quality. Companies that will add value for your visitors!

Of course, another super option is to have a supporter/sponsor wall. It's also known as brick fundraising where supporters sponsor a block/'brick on your wall and they get exposure from that block.

It will also fit with the income model below...

And lastly the idea that has had limited success for most individual websites but that will work really well for your non-profit or fundraising group...

Site Donations:

Many websites ask for donations from visitors with the invitation reading...

"If you have found value in the advice and information on this website then please donate any amount to help maintain it."

...Or something along those lines. A donation button linking to your DoJiggy donation page will then sit under that statement.

But as I'm sure you would know most people are not inclined to donate money to any website regardless of whether it provides good information or not. But funnily enough people actually do; in fact I have personally received donations for this site.

Regardless though it is still not a big income generator for most websites...

But the fact that you are a non-profit, or worthwhile cause, changes the ball game altogether!

If you have provided excellent information on your topic and have pre-sold your visitors effectively; you will find that these visitors will be very willing to donate a small amount to a worthwhile cause in thanks for that great information!

A simple donation request block in the right hand column like this below, should work well...

A simple Monetizing model that will add to this unique fundraising idea's profitability!

There are of course other ways that you could monetize your website...

Like selling e-books, selling hard goods, using an Amazon A-Store, or offering services related to your topic like maybe a Gift Basket service.

What income generators you use will of course depend on your niche and how big you want to develop your online enterprise!

Finishing Off This Unique Fundraiser:

Thanks to Site Build It! this unique fundraising idea is one of the best small type businesses, and therefore fundraisers, that anyone could use.

But it will of course not just happen overnight. This is a long term fundraiser that will pay dividends for years and years...

And which will take some time to set up and establish on the web.

This unique fundraising idea will work for any organization or individual. Of course if you set it up as a group you will need one person in charge who will control the development of your website!

If you have any questions about Solo Build It! or building a content website then please ask at Solo Build It's question page .

Solo Build It's customer service is excellent and you will receive all the answers you need for your questions.

You can of course ask me more about this unique fundraising idea if you want, through the question form below. I would recommend you ask Solo Build It though, as you will find them much more resourceful.

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

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