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So what is Go Fund Me?

Gofundme.com is a crowdfunding website that raises millions of dollars for thousands of causes every year!

It is a site where anyone and any cause can setup a fundraising page for free.

As the person fundraising, you are then able to promote that page easily through Social Media, emails, fundraising widgets, etc, and receive donations directly off that page.

At a basic level it is a donation processor...


It's a platform that is designed in a way to get the most successful results for any fundraising cause!

To find out more about WHAT Crowdfunding is, take a read here.

The Go Fund Me founding team.

Since their launch in May 2010 they have fast become, in their words, the "#1 crowdfunding website for personal causes (by a lot). A top 5k website globally."

And there are many reasons for their remarkable growth and success - I'll get into some of their features and benefits further below - But first...

Some Interesting Facts About Them...

Here are some really interesting facts about Go Fund Me taken straight from their Press Centre...

  • More than $10 Million is raised every month by tens of thousands of fundraising causes off their platform.
  • They grew by 500% in 2012.
  • Their Customer service is remarkable:  -> Email response times of 5 minutes or less.
  • They are the Number 1 Crowdfunding website for personal causes and life events.
  • Their 5% Fee remains the same whether your fundraising goal is reached or not. Many sites charge up to double their fee if your campaign does not reach its target.

So Essentially...

Go Fund Me is a really powerful fundraising platform and tool for many fundraising causes to use. And very likely your cause as well!

Some Features & Benefits:

Here are just a few of the Features and Benefits that I absolutely love about GoFundMe.com...

  • Their sign up and setup process is really simple and quick. It should only take you a couple of minutes to do.
  • Their page sharing capabilities! The sharing buttons on your fundraising page are prominent and easily usable for supporters.
  • Your Sharing Capabilities! In your page's dashboard, GoFundMe.com provides some easy sharing steps for you to perform. If done effectively these steps are really powerful for your page's promotions.
  • Their embeddable fundraising widgets. Creates a really cool (and underused) tool for promoting your fundraiser.

Online Fundraising and Crowdfunding with GoFundMe.
  • Your ability to print a Campaign Sign/Poster that has a QR Code (Link) to your page.
  • The clean cut Look & Feel of their site - Makes for a far more effective website for fundraising.
  • And also your ability to customize the Look & Feel of your personal fundraising page.
  • The ability to create a custom URL for your page.
  • And lastly... The structure of their fundraising pages, which are setup in a way that gets the best results for you.

So How Do You Start a Fundraiser With Them?

It's really simple... And you can be setup within a couple of minutes.

I do however recommend that you take some time to learn how to make your online fundraising and crowdfunding campaign super successful!

So read through the following 3 articles on setting up an effective Online Donations Fundraiser (starting with this one), whilst you setup your fundraising page on Go Fund Me...

To create your fundraising page...

Sign up to GoFundMe.com here.

I wish you all the best of luck with your Online Fundraising!

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