Halloween Fundraisers! Raise scary Funds! (Photo by Sarah Ackerman / Flickr)

Halloween Fundraisers

Ready for some great Halloween Fundraisers?!

Here are some ideas that will raise scary funds!

Around the 31st October each year the USA (and now much of the world) celebrates Halloween...

And provides you with a brilliant opportunity to raise funds in different and novel ways.

SO... be creative with the below ideas and also come up with your own.

There are many games and events that you could incorporate as a Halloween fundraising idea so make sure you keep your eyes open for opportunities all the time.

Let's take a look...

Halloween Fundraising Ideas:

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Halloween T Shirts | Trick or Donation | Halloween Night Golf | Items for Halloween Fundraisers | Candles | Pumpkin Sale | Halloween Party | Halloween Costume Rent/Sales

Halloween T Shirts:

This is one of the simplest and most profitable fundraisers that you could do...

Simply sell Halloween themed Organization/Cause T Shirts.

  • Make the design cool, quirky or clever.
  • Have a strong fundraising/sales team to drive your promotions.
  • And LAUNCH the T Shirts a good few weeks (even months) before Halloween.

You can have T Shirts printed locally and sell directly to people, but...

The Most Effective and Cheapest way:

Is to do it through a T Shirt Crowdfunding Platform like Bonfire Funds. Check it out!

Trick or Donation:

This is really simple...

Instead of asking for a trick or treat, you get all your fundraising team to ask for a trick or donation! How simple is that?!?!

And here's the secret: The more participants you have, the more money you will raise!

Halloween Night Golf:

This is a brilliant and fun twist on your ordinary Golf Day Fundraiser.

You do all the same things except that you have a night golf tournament with lighted fairways, luminous balls, and scary decorations. Plus the odd monster jumping out of a bush!

Read how to fundraise from a Golf Day here!

Halloween Item Sales:

There are thousands and thousands of different items that get sold for Halloween each year and you can definitely take advantage of these purchases.

Find and decide on a selection of products that you can provide to your members, supporters and community, and start promoting and selling them weeks before Halloween actually arrives...

You want people to buy from you before they buy from someone else, so get in front of them beforehand!


Candles are the perfect Halloween fundraising product and I'd highly recommend it as a dedicated fundraiser leading up to the scary day of October the 31st.

Read about Candle Fundraising here, OR...

Start a Candle Fundraiser here.

Pumpkin Sale:

As the leading decoration for the day, Pumpkins are definitely an item you could look to raise funds with.

Hold a Pumpkin Sale the week before Halloween in your Church yard, at School or at your local community center etc.

Pumpkins are a great fundraising product during Halloween! Find out more. (Photo by Amelia Extra / Flickr)

Just make sure you promote your Pumpkins effectively so that people buy from you!

Another idea with pumpkins would be to have a Pumpkin decoration competition! Once again be creative with it.

Halloween Fundraiser Party:

People love parties and a Halloween themed party is a great fundraising idea.

Your success with this idea will rest on three things...

  1. How well you promote and market the event.
  2. How you fundraise on the night. Choose the right ideas that get people involved and add to the enjoyment of the evening!
  3. And lastly with how much people end up enjoying the evening!

So make sure you brainstorm, organize and execute this Halloween Fundraiser properly. It does have some really great potential if you do!

Halloween Costume Rent/Sales:

The last of these Halloween Fundraisers is an idea that will only work for an organization that can afford the capital outlay for the costumes in the first place...

But it has some brilliant potential if you can afford it!

Once again this idea's success will depend on how well you promote and market it.

Good Luck....

Here's to wishing you the greatest of luck for your Halloween Fundraisers! May you raise a scary amount of funds!

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