A Kids Art Exhibition Fundraiser

A kids art exhibition fundraiser is a fun, simple and appealing idea!

Both parents and children will enjoy it...

And the really great thing about it is that there are loads of ways to raise funds through it!

Raising Funds:

Here is how you will make money at a children's art exhibition...

Raising Funds at a Kids Art Exhibition. It's a creative School Fundraising Idea. (Photo by Aine / Flickr)
  • Entrance Fees – Make them quite cheap but still worthwhile! Or you can just ask for donations at the door instead.
  • Sponsors and Advertisers – Look for local businesses to sponsor and advertise at the exhibition.
  • Sell Voting Cards – A great option is to sell voting cards that people can vote on for what they think is the best piece of art. You will then need a prize for the winner (or maybe the top 5).
  • Auctioning or Selling The Art – You have the option of either selling the art or auctioning it off.

    Auctioning stuff can be very lucrative but you will need an experienced auctioneer to do it. An open auction is another option you could use.
  • Selling Refreshments – Selling food and drinks is always a great way of raising funds with any creative school fundraising ideas and can be very profitable.

    Your custom Fundraising Water Bottles will be a perfect product for this!

    You may want to consider giving a free glass of wine to people at the beginning of the event as a token of thanks for attending. Make sure you get the wine sponsored!
  • Holding a Raffle – Another very profitable addition!
  • Adding other Suitable Fundraisers – For example selling your organization T-shirts, Fundraising Apparel, Bracelets, Cookbooks, or fundraising products that you're currently using.

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With all this in mind you will start planning your Exhibition...

Finding The Art:

By far the easiest part of the event...

It will all come straight out of the classroom. This is also the most fun part of the fundraiser for the kids. It's the part that makes it such a creative school fundraising idea!

You can possibly have a theme for the exhibition or you can just keep the best artwork from the year... but do make sure that everyone gets a fair and equal amount of pictures exhibited (Especially for younger kids)!

Remember you want to attract as many parents to the event as possible - they'll want their kid's work shown.

Of course if the exhibition is for a high school you may want to only put up art of good quality!

A Venue:

Your school hall will be a perfect venue to hold your art exhibition.

Other options could be the local town hall, a local conference centre, or a marquee on a sports field.

Obviously you will need to make sure there is enough space for all the art and refreshments etc.. Also consider the cost of hiring an outside venue or a marquee compared to using a free venue.


This is a very important part of a kids art exhibition fundraiser!

How you present the art will make a big impact on your supporters and how enjoyable the event turns out to be. A poor presentation will leave people disappointed.

A Kids Art Exhibition is a really creative fundraising idea that has good potential. (Photo by Chris Winters / Flickr)

Group the art within classes and/or themes. Also place a label on each piece of artwork with a title, name of the artist, and his/her age and class...

Consider having a brief description from each artist too!

Use banners or signs to clearly show each section so people can look around easily

You should also provide some background music for ambiance. Have some soft and mellow music that isn't too dull... Music that will keep people interested.

Promoting Your Fundraiser:

You must advertise the event properly.

You will want as many people there as possible!

That means parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, and even old boys and girls (students that have finished at the school).

Obviously you will use all the usual ways of advertising like through your website and your newsletter! Also use Fliers, Posters, Letters, and Word of mouth.

Make sure you send fliers home with your kids to pass on to all their family members.

Another idea would be to get an art circle or organisation involved. Ask them to advertise to all their members and on their website!

Remember that the more people that attend your Children's Art Exhibition the more funds that you will raise. So Maximise your Profits by advertising properly!

For more great ideas on promoting creative school fundraising ideas go here.

Ending Off:

A kids art exhibition fundraiser is one of the best, most profitable, and creative school fundraising ideas there is... It will be huge fun for your students as well as their parents (plus Granny and Grandpa)!

Keep the kids involved all the way through, and it will also provide some great life lessons for them!

You can also expand the exhibition to include the kid's poetry, woodwork, essays etc. Just be creative with it!

To help with your event organizing read the Instant Event Fundraising System.

Good luck with your Kids Art Exhibition Fundraiser!

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