My Children Are Not Ready To Loose Their Mom

by Leo
(Saudi Arabia Expat)

Photo by Dave (Flickr)

Photo by Dave (Flickr)

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My Children Are Not Ready To Lose Their Mom - By Leo

Having a cancer patient as a family member is a big challenge to a low earner head of the family.

I cannot afford the expensive medication of my wife reason to slowly deteriorate her health. My children are begging to me to do more to save the life of their mom but my maximum capability is only up to this point.

I tried to fund raise in other fund raising sites but i don't feel that the WORLD have heart and eyes to feel and see our sentiment.

Now i am here again trying my luck posting my beg for help hoping that one day, a real kind hearted person will give a small portion of help "To Save Life".

Hoping that one day i could alleviate my family suffering.

To anyone out there, please extend your help, I am ready to present proof of my problems.

Any help in the form of free money or loan is highly appreciated. Please contact me at dongduran(at)
for any help.

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