Pasta Fundraisers -
Two Rewarding Ways

There are two ways of running Pasta Fundraisers. (Photo by Lucy Bridges / Flickr)

There are two different ways of running pasta fundraisers...

  1. You can either sell uncooked pasta packages...
  2. Or you can sell pasta meals at events!

Both ways can be rewarding and profitable. But, the uncooked pasta packages will be a lot less hassle than the pasta meals.

Which idea you use will depend on your cause's needs.

For example...

If you're holding regular events, it's a simple meal to make that will bring in easy funds!

Another option is to include you're Pasta Fundraisers in your Food Taste Fundraiser evening.

Let's take a look at these two food fundraisers...

Uncooked Pasta Packages:

Like any product fundraiser you will need to first source this product.

You can either set up a deal with a local store or pasta packager to buy your pasta at wholesale. Or you can use a fundraising company that supplies a pasta fundraiser.

A fundraising company like Fun Pasta Fundraising will be ideal as they will likely provide pasta in creative and unique shapes to make the fundraiser fun and easy to market.

They will also supply them to you at very reasonable prices!

To find other pasta suppliers or pasta fundraising companies use a simple Google Search below...

Prepare Your Sales Team & Promote:

You will need to recruit a sales team (volunteers) to sell the pasta to members, supporters and the general public.

Preparing your sales team properly will be the aspect that will make this fundraiser extra profitable!

Jack Atwell's eBook "Let's Raise Money" (click to read my review) has brilliant advice on how to prepare a fundraising sales team, so that they fundraise effectively!

You should also Promote your pasta fundraiser thoroughly...

  • Advertise on your organization website or blog.
  • Through your newsletters, your Facebook page, and you Twitter account. Plus other Social Media accounts.
  • Use other online newsgroups and advertising websites like Gumtree and Craiglists to advertise for free!
  • Flyers and Posters will work well too.

Read here for more ideas on promoting your Pasta Fundraisers.

Pasta Meals At Events:

Does your organization or group hold events like sporting days, church services, or other fundraising events?..

Then selling pasta meals is definitely a fundraiser you should consider using. The main reason why...

Pasta Fundraisers! The how to. (Photo by McPig / Flickr)

It's a simple meal to make!

You can cook it at home, freeze it, and then simply reheat it at the event to make for a tasty meal.

You will want to source the cheapest ingredients you can, to make the best profit margins. Just make sure that you still make good quality pasta... or else no one will buy!

A great suggestion would be to find a member who is great cook, with a great pasta recipe, and get them to head the fundraiser.

Also make sure that everything is prepared properly so the fundraiser runs smoothly! For more great ideas and tips on running pasta fundraisers see here.

You Will Then Also Need Volunteers...

You will obviously need to have people to sell and dish up the pasta meals, so get members and supporters to volunteer their time.

Rotate your shifts fairly and thank everyone involved to keep them happy and keen to help out again!

A Great Idea to BOOST Your Profits...

...Would be to have volunteers going around at the event selling pasta tickets to people, and then directing them to your meal stand to collect their meal.

This way you ensure that most people will be aware that they can buy a meal, and you will increase the amount of sales you make!!!

Finishing Off:

Pasta Fundraisers will be profitable for many types of groups and Nonprofits...

You'll just have to do some research yourself to make sure that these two fundraising ideas will work for your cause.

The great thing about food fundraisers is that they are always in demand. People have to eat - And they spend money on food every day anyway...

So spending that money to help someone fundraise isn't a difficult thing to do.

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