Photo Fundraisers

There are two main types of photo fundraisers that you can run...

Both can be very profitable and rewarding! And you can easily run both of them as well!

The first type is a Picture Fundraiser Event, where you'll take bookings for people/supporters to come in and have family portraits, individual portraits and dress up photo's...

You can get quite creative with it!

If you'd like to read about the picture fundraisers event then please click here.

This page is about the second type of photo fundraisers. A continuous fundraiser that you hold throughout the year...

An example of a great photo that would work for a Photo Fundraiser! Learn more about Photo Fundraising... (Photo by Randy Robertson / Flickr)

You will take photos of all things to do with your organization, its members/supporters, and its events.

Then you will sell those photos to your members/supporters, the people in the photos, or to anyone interested in them!

You can then also use the photos with other types of fundraisers like Photo mugs and T-shirt fundraisers!

This is a fundraising idea that will work well with an organization that has a big community/supporter's base like a school, a sports club, or a church.

Alrighty! Let's do it...

Photo Fundraisers:

Here is how to run a continuous Photo Fundraiser...

Find a Photographer:

You will firstly need to find an amateur/professional photographer that will take photos for you throughout the year.

There's a good chance that you will find one within your supporters as there are so many people that do photography as a hobby nowadays. In fact you probably already have someone who takes photos at all your events etc.

If not you will have to strike up a deal with a local amateur/professional that will be willing to help out.

Remember that either way your photographer will still have small expenses that you will have to reimburse him for, they should be minimal though. If he's happy to carry those costs himself then you've struck it lucky!

Take The Photos:

You will then have your photographer take photos of your organization, it's supporters/members, and at all its events!

Here are some places and events that you can take photos at...

  • Weekend sports meetings. Shots of player plus spectators!
  • Important community events.
  • Awards ceremonies.
  • Daily happenings at school or church!
  • Fundraising events... Like a charity fun run or a food taste evening!
  • Choir or band practices.
  • Class, Sports, or Youth tours.
  • Your organization's buildings!
  • Local heritage or monument sites!
  • The list goes on and on... You can shoot anything that you think people will be interested in! So be creative about it!

Advertise & Sell:

Your next step will be to advertise and sell the photos!

Your most successful way of advertising will be from word of mouth, directly from your photographer to the people captured in the photos.

Get him to show everyone the photos he's taken of them, explaining to them how they can order a copy, what the cost is for different print sizes, and that it's all to raise funds for your organization!

Photo Fundraisers! Continuous, profitable and useful! Learn how... (Photo by Daniel Nugent / Flickr)

It would be a good idea to not charge to much, ensuring that you do  actually make a good amount of sales. Although, still make sure you charge enough to make it all worthwhile.

Essentially look to have a good balanced price.

Your photographer should then also offer the other extra options for them to purchase. See below at "Increase Your Income"!

Other ways of advertising your photography fundraisers will be through your newsletters, via extended word of mouth, general announcements, flyers and posters.

I would suggest that you have a photo gallery page on your fundraising website where people can view all the photos available. Then with all your advertising methods you can direct people to that photo gallery.

You should also offer the option for people to order prints online from your photo gallery. Use a company like PayPal to do this, they offer an excellent online payment and ordering service.

Increase Your Income:

You do this by adding other products/fundraisers like T-shirts and photo key rings to your photo fundraisers...

So instead of just selling printed photos you can sell other products that have the photos printed on them, or you can have other fundraising products to sell with the photos.

Here are some products and fundraisers that you could add to your photo fundraisers...

For all your prints or specialized photo fundraising products like Calendars or Photo Books you can use Shutterfly's superb online service (USA only).

And grab a FREE fundraising product guide from The Fundraising Store or EFI to see what products you could sell alongside your photos.

Other Fundraising Options:

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