Picture Fundraisers - The Event

There are two types of picture fundraisers that you can hold... Both of them can be very profitable and rewarding!

And if you want, you could easily run both of them as well!

The First Type...

The first type (which is what this page is about) is a Photo Fundraising Event.

This is a fundraiser where you'll take bookings for people/supporters to come in and have family portraits, individual portraits and dress up photos at a set fee.

Learn how to use a photo fundraising event successfully through this excellent article! (Photo by Brendon Connelly / Flickr)

The Other Type...

The second type of photo fundraisers is a continuous fundraiser that you hold throughout the year where you'll take photos of all things to do with your organization, its members/supporters, and its events...

Then you'll sell those photos to your members/supporters, the people in the photos, or to anyone interested in them!

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Let's get on with this Photo Fundraiser Event then...

Picture Fundraisers:

Every year, you should set aside a date to hold your picture fundraiser day.

You will offer Family portraits, Individual portraits, Friends/Group photos, and if you like, even dress up photos!

Some great creative ideas could be...

A Photo Fundraising event! A fun way of raising funds.   (Photo by Jeffrey Avellanosa / Flickr)
  • Victorian style
  • Glamor shots
  • Vintage Photos
  • 80's and Crazies!

Obviously you will need to find a suitable location like your school hall or the town hall.

Make sure that it will have ample room for the photo station to be set up and enough changing facilities!

You will also need to...

Find a Photographer:

Finding a photographer shouldn't be too hard.

There's a good chance that you will have an experienced and talented photographer amongst your members/supporters who'll be able to take all the pictures.

If not, you'll have to hire the services of an outside professional/amateur, or that of a company.

Try find the best deal possible and work the angle that you are a good charitable cause to get it!

Remember that either way there will still be photography expenses that will need to be reimbursed to your photographer! So take that into account whilst you are planning and budgeting your picture fundraiser day.

Promote Your Photo Fundraising Event:

Use all the usual channels to advertise your photo fundraising day...

Try to attract as many people as possible! The more the better!

For ideas and methods on promoting your fundraisers read here.

Take Bookings:

You must set up a booking system for people to book times to have their photos taken (a bit like an appointment book).

Pre-sell the event with specific photo package/s that people can buy for a set price, which they can then still upgrade on the day.

That way you will ensure that you don't waste any photos and all the bookings will make some money!


The fees you charge for photos will vary depending on the type of photo being taken... ex. a group portrait or individual portrait.

You should also offer different print sizes that people can choose from.

A Photo Fundraising event! A fun way of raising funds.   (Photo by Ravenshoe Group / Flickr)

Encourage everyone to book well in advance and if your time sheet overfills, you can always add an extra day to the fundraiser.

When drawing up your appointment time table you should consider how long each photo will take. Also consider grouping different types of photos together during certain times, like all individual photos at one time...

Come up with a plan and structure that will be most viable.

Use Other Photo Fundraising Products:

You can increase your income at picture fundraisers by offering other fundraising picture products.

Like what?

Like offering to have people's photos printed on other apparel... Like on T-shirts, Mugs, Key Rings and Stickers.

That way your supporters will have more options to keep their precious photographic memories! And you will have extra ways of bringing in Funds!

And What About Some Other Fundraisers:

You should also run other unrelated fundraisers during your picture fundraisers day.

Here are some fundraising ideas you could use...

There are lots of other ideas that you could add to your picture fundraising day, so look around and be creative!

And that's it...

Except to remember to always be completely organized and prepared! If not, you may waste a lot of time and effort.

Good Luck with your Picture Fundraising Event!

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