StoveTec Coffee Morning

by Mike
(Canterbury, UK)

StoveTec Rocket Stove

StoveTec Rocket Stove

StoveTec and the organisation Aprovecho design cook stoves for some of the poorest people in the world. I'm promoting them in my school as charity of the term and will be doing various things.

One advantage I have is that the stoves are really good to demonstrate - they burn twigs cleanly and efficiently, and use far less fuel for a meal than traditional cooking methods.

I have bought a couple for my own use, and think a coffee morning, with the tea and coffee prepared on these stoves, could be a real winner.

Punters can have a close look at the stoves and have a go using them, and hopefully will donate some money at the same time!

I'd love other people's suggestions though on how best to promote these, as they are a great piece of kit and have the potential to really change the lives of these families.

Rob's Note:

Here are some ideas to fundraise with for this excellent innovation and charity cause...

Obviously in my comments I had mentioned a raffle as they are always brilliant fundraisers, but a good start would also be with Crowdfunding.

You could use an Online Donations Fundraiser through a site like Go Fund Me...

Another great idea would be a Trivia Night Event or even a Golf Day.

Good Luck!

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May 09, 2015
by: Anonymous


Sep 21, 2010
Thanks for the great ideas
by: Mike

I hadn't thought of a raffle, but that is a great idea to get people interested. particularly if I can do it on a day when there will be parents in school, perhaps at a half term or something.

Also, facebook could be a great way to promote it amongst the students. They all have accounts and I could probably get a few onside to help spread the word.

All the best, and thanks!


Sep 21, 2010
Great Idea
by: Rob Hampson

Hi Mike,

I think your Coffee morning fundraiser is a great idea and the stoves sound really interesting.

Consider raffling one of the stoves off as a add-on fundraiser to your coffee morning!

I'll put in some thought about how you can promote the stoves. Am I right in guessing that when you say "promote them", you mean raise funds so that more of them can be made to be sent to the poor people of the world?

I'd suggest a good start would be to start a Facebook page promoting the idea and have information of how these innovative stoves are really helping people. Maybe make a short demonstrative video of how they work. Then give details of how people can help out by donating or holding fundraisers to raise funds for this great initiative.

Obviously you should also then invite all your friends and contacts on Facebook and encourage them to invite all their friends and contacts.

Facebook is a great place to build some network buzz over an idea like this.

Make sure you also encourage the people who come to your coffee morning to spread the word as much as possible as well! Word of mouth is a great promoting tool.

I'll let you know about any other ideas I come up with.

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