Fundraising Guidelines -
For Brick & Mortar Fundraising

Below are a some important offline fundraising guidelines that you should use and think about whilst running your fundraiser campaigns.

Organize And Prepare Properly:

The first of these guidelines should be quite obvious! And quite simply put, an unorganized fundraiser will cost you more than it will earn you.

So when you start a fundraiser please remember those famous words by Benjamin Franklin...

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."

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Prepare By Educating Yourself:

Watch fundraising tutorial videos, attend seminars and webinars, and read the right books.

For fundraising training videos I'd recommend you subscribe to the Free Movie Monday videos.

Then provides excellent free training webinars on a regular basis, as well as webinars at a Fee.

A few books I'd recommend you stock your library with are...

Have A "To Do" Check List:

Sit down with your fundraising committee or your friends and family, and come up with a "to do" check list. Write the list in an order of importance.

Then tick off jobs done as you move forward.

This will help you keep on track and on top of what needs to be done.

Delegate Jobs Out Evenly:

You should delegate all the jobs out evenly among your helpers and volunteers.

If you're on your own you'll have to do it all yourself, but start with the most important jobs first.

I would suggest though that you always have at least one person helping you.

Use A Quality Fundraising
Product Company:

Fundraising companies are focused on delivering fundraising products and solutions that will make your fundraisers as profitable and convenient as possible.

So using a quality company is of the utmost importance and will really help your fundraising campaigns!

For example...

If you want to run an Apparel Fundraiser - which if you're a school or a similar group this fundraiser is a must use - you should be using SSA Stores To Supply Your Apparel .

They will provide you with a free customizable online store with a wide range of quality Apparel, that you can also bulk order at cheaper rates to sell directly to people offline! This will give the option of fundraising online and offline with your Apparel.

Recommended Product Suppliers...

In America (and Canada) you'll find quality fundraising products here through GA Fundraising.

Grab their FREE fundraising information guide to see what product options you have, and what the potential profits are!

Another option is Easy Fundraising Ideas.

For other products (or country locations) I would suggest you do a local Google search for an appropriate company with the search block below...

Broaden Your Bottom Line Of Income:

This is really important for events; you should make sure you work include many different fundraiser ideas as possible.

Obviously without over doing it though (check the next point).

So when doing one type of fundraiser, always look to include other fundraisers that will complement your main fundraiser! Like holding a Raffle at a Golf Day.

Don't Take Too Much:


Don't ever take too much at once!!!

If someone feels obliged or forced to give a large amount, or has to pay too much to attend an event, they'll feel used and will be less likely to help out again.

You actually want people to help out again and again and as often as possible... so don't take too much off them.

Don't exhaust your network!

Promote Other Fundraisers:

You should always promote your other fundraisers while holding any fundraiser.

For example, promote at your golf day that people can buy magazine subscriptions through your website, or that you'll be holding a fundraising theatre event the following month!

(And at least always promote your fundraising website.)

Thank Everyone:

This is one of the most important fundraising guidelines!

Always be conscious and proactive about thanking everyone who has attended, helped or supported your Fundraiser.

Make them feel that they are hugely appreciated!

Not only is this just straight forward good manners, but by doing this you will also be ensuring that those supporters and helpers will be back next time to help out again!

Ending Off:

And those are some really simple, yet important fundraising guidelines!

Do you have any fundraising guidelines or tips? Then please share them here.

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