Fundraising Thermometer

Want to learn how to create a Fundraising Thermometer to display your campaign progress. It's quite a simple thing to do.

There are also quite a few fundraisers and fundraising resources that automatically create a thermometer for you which we'll touch on below.

Let's start with creating an Online Thermometer and then we'll look at creating a printable Thermometer...

Creating your Fundraising Thermometer:

As I mentioned up above there are a few fundraisers that will automatically create a fundraising thermometer for your campaign.

If you are planning to use one of these fundraisers, then you won't need to create a thermometer, unless of course, you also want to display your thermometer somewhere other than your campaign page.

That doesn't apply to the first example below though, as you can create a widget (Charity Badge) from your campaign page to place elsewhere, that will display your Thermometer.

Some examples of fundraisers that automatically create a fundraiser thermometer for you are...

Then of course if you are running a different fundraiser without these resources you will need to create your Thermometer elsewhere...

So Where Can You Create It?

Like I said there are many sites to do this...

But I personally find that the site that offers the best fundraising Thermometers is DoJiggy!

Whether you just add a donation service to your site or use their advanced pledge services, their Thermometers are simple, effective and look great. Click the link to read up about their Thermometer.

Here's a couple examples of theirs...

Check out the AccessAbility donation page here.

Check out the "St Thomas More Catholic School Rock 'N Run" pledge fundraising page here.

Other places to create a Thermometer are...

Here's an example of an Easy Fundraising Ideas' Thermometer...

An example of a Fundraising Thermometer created at EFI. Learn how to create and use a Thermometer effectively for your fundraising.

Create an Offline Thermometer:

Creating an offline fundraiser thermometer is also rather simple. But...

I encourage you to be creative with this!

Think of a type of thermometer you can create that will catch people's attention? How can you link it to your cause? Etc.

For example: If you are fundraising for a new building you could maybe use images of bricks to show your progress. Each $50 raised adds another brick to the thermometer! Get the idea?!

Think it through carefully.

For some simple printable Thermometers I would recommend you look through these Thermometer Templates.

That template website also created this cool “How to Create & Print” video below to help you out. Check it out...

Tips to Make Your
Thermometers Impactful:

You should always view your thermometer as a way of encouraging people to support and motivation for your fundraising team.

So here are some points to make your fundraising thermometer really useful and impactful...

  • Use it in a way that catches attention.
  • Place it in, or on, high traffic areas.
  • Make it easy to see.
  • Place it where your fundraising team will see it often (at least every day)!
  • Always include info on how to support your cause on, or near to the thermometer!

For some more tips like setting a goal for your fundraiser thermometer read here.

Good luck with your fundraising!

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