Preschool Fundraising

So how do you make Preschool fundraising successful?

By doing three steps...

1. Choosing the right fundraisers...

For your preschool, it's parents, and supporters!

Think carefully about who is involved in your Kindergarten and who will support it and choose your fundraisers accordingly!

2. Making the Fundraiser appealing!

This is a bit of a follow on from the above step as the right fundraiser should be appealing to your supporters...

But it is also up to you to make your fundraiser as appealing as possible.

Depending on the type of fundraiser this could mean... 'Presenting your Preschool as a great cause to donate to' or it could mean 'using a tasty fundraising product that you present and promote in an appealing way'!

3. And lastly by promoting your preschool fundraising effectively!

The bottom line is the more people who know about your fundraiser (in an appealing way), the more who will support, and therefore the more funds you will fundraise!

Preschool Fundraising - Learn how... (Photo by Siam Educational Experience TEFL on Flickr)

A big recommendation
I would give for your Preschool is to set up a Facebook page and definitely consider a Website.

Having these two online setups will open up such huge fundraising potential for your Preschool fundraising!

Appreciate Your Assets:

Schools have an Asset that most other fundraising causes don't have...

And that's the kids that attend the School and their parents who support them!

With kids you will always have energetic and enthusiastic helpers for your fundraisers!

With their parents you will always have enthusiastic supporters who will do almost anything to help their kids out.

So please make sure you appreciate this huge asset and use it properly!

Let's take a look at Fundraisers you could use...

Unique PreSchool Fundraising Ideas

Preschool Fundraising Ideas:

Here are some fundraisers and types of fundraising ideas that I would recommend your Kindergarten uses...

Crowdfunding Though An Online Donations Fundraiser:

This is one of the simplest and most effective fundraisers that anyone cause can use.

It's a fundraising idea where a crowd of people donate small amounts to your Preschool that add up to the funds you need! Make sense?

All you do is get parents, family members, supporters, businesses and total strangers to donate any amount to your Kindergarten online.

Simply setup a FREE online donation page here.

Preschool Fundraising With A Crowdfunding Fundraiser! Learn how to...

BUT PLEASE NOTE: You must read and practice all of the advice from all three pages of the Online Donations Fundraiser to make sure your fundraiser is successful!!! ALL OF IT!

You can of course run a crowdfunding fundraiser offline, but my advice would be to run an online one and accept offline donations as well.

Apparel Fundraising:

The next best fundraiser will be with your Preschool Apparel.

This is simply selling clothing, scarves, hats, bags, mugs, stadium seats etc. with your Preschool logo on it to your kids, their parents, and supporters of your Preschool!

I would highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend that you use an online apparel store through SSA as it will cost you absolutely nothing!!! (Where generally you will have huge costs printing and making your apparel.)

This is a fundraiser that your Preschool HAS to be using. If you are not, you are losing out on easy funds!

For more information about running effective Apparel Fundraising read here...

Fundraising Products:

Recommended Resource:

GA Fundraising Products (USA)

The next type of Fundraising that will work for your Preschool is fundraising products.

Food fundraisers, magazines, discount cards etc.

So go through the different products that you could use...

Then pick the right ones for your Preschool and for the time of year that you are fundraising for.

Fundraiser Events:

Events are always great ways of raising funds, but are often a lot of work to organize.

You can often combine a fundraising product, like a Cookbook, with a fundraising event (a Taste Test Fundraiser) as well!

Preschool Fundraising Event. Learn More... (Photo by cbgrfx123 / Flickr)

For a Preschool fundraising campaign I would not recommend more than one or two fundraising events a year though.

Read here to find different fundraising events ideas...

A Content Website:

This unique Preschool fundraising idea is a long term project that if set up properly will be hugely rewarding for years and years to come!

What you do is build a website that gives advice on a specific topic. You then generate funds through multiple income streams off that website...

As well as generate awareness for your Preschool and its fundraisers!

This Preschool fundraising idea is not as simple as it sounds and is quite a process... But like I said, if done properly, it will be 10 times more rewarding then the effort put in to set it up.

I would definitely recommend that you research it properly - Unique Fundraising Idea through a Content Website!

Ending Off:

When running a Preschool fundraising campaign please remember the importance of following the three steps I recommended at the top...

1. Pick the right fundraisers... 2. Make the fundraisers appealing... 3. Promote the fundraisers effectively!

Especially the Promoting of your fundraisers!

It is so important to make sure you promote your fundraisers effectively. If you do not, you are going to be limiting the success of your fundraising.

I hope this has helped and please feel free to comment at the bottom of this page, and to also come back and tell your fundraising success stories!

Good luck with your Preschool Fundraising!!!

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