School Spirit Fundraiser

Use a School Spirit Fundraiser to create spirit, pride, awareness for your School... And obviously funds as well!!

A spirit fundraiser is simply a fundraising idea that creates spirit and pride in your school...

While at the same time raises funds!

There are loads of different fundraising ideas that could be used for a spirit fundraiser but you will want to use the ones that will create the most excitement.

A School Spirit Fundraiser is a fantastic way of raising funds for your school, whilst at the same time creating spirit. (Photo by Seeds of Peace / Flickr)

The best spirit fundraisers for schools will be involved with sports or specifically with your sport teams.

Generally kids feel especially proud about their schools when it comes to sport (Not so much with Academics; not sure why ;-) ) and will be more inclined to get involved with a sports spirit fundraiser for their schools!

But saying that a fundraiser that purely promotes your school will also work well!

So how do you make a School spirit fundraiser rewarding and profitable?

Let's take a look...

Organizing A School Spirit Fundraiser:

Your first step will obviously be to choose a fundraising idea to use.

Look through some of the School spirit fundraiser ideas at the bottom of the page to help you with this.

Then you need to get organized!

Proper planning and preparation will ensure that you have a successful fundraiser that creates great spirit amongst everyone.

Have a strategy for how you are going to get your students involved and how you are going to promote the fundraiser effectively.

You will need a lot of team work and you may need to find some extra volunteers to help out.

Have clear goals...

Also make sure that you have a clear picture in your mind about what you are fundraising for and how much you need to raise from the fundraiser...

In fact you need to have those written down and made aware to every member of your fundraising team.

Being organized is one of the most important steps to any fundraiser.... and that's why if you are using a product based fundraiser you will need to have a properly prepared sales team.....

Preparing Your Sales Team:

This is often a neglected part of many fundraising campaigns!

But, if you get it right... It can make such a huge difference to the success of your fundraiser.

This part is purely for school spirit fundraisers that are using fundraising sales products to raise funds...

You will obviously need to explain to your kids what products they'll be selling, but more importantly; you will need to teach them how to sell (which isn't as hard as it sounds).

A quick recommendation...

I would highly recommend you get hold of Jack Atwell's eBook on fundraising.

It will teach you how to teach your kids and other sales members how to sell properly.

A sales pitch guideline...

Then you must design a fundraising sales pitch that's exciting and will encourage supporters to get involved with the team and school spirit.

Get you your team to follow the guideline.

Plus, always make sure you use the words 'help' and 'because' somewhere in the pitch. Research shows that these two keywords help boost positive responses by around 90%.

A School Spirit Fundraiser - Raising funds and creating spirit!.(Photo by San Jose Library / Flickr)

You should definitely have a launch to do this training, which will help build some excitement around the fundraiser. Also make sure that you use an incentive program to encourage and motivate your sellers.

All of this is expertly explained and expanded on in Jack's book!

The next thing to think about will be advertising and promoting your school spirit fundraiser...

Promoting And Advertising:

The best way to build awareness of your school spirit fundraiser is through word of mouth... And that is both offline and online through social media.

But it will all start by getting the word out there.

Online Promotion:

  • If your spirit fundraising idea is a product fundraiser than I would start by making a way for people to buy the product directly off your fundraising website.
  • Then promote your fundraiser on your website with links to the sales page.
  • Use social media like Twitter, your Facebook page, and Google plus to promote it and to start building some excitement and buzz!
  • Announce the fundraiser through your newsletters and fundraising letters, and encourage kids and parents to get involved.
  • Online Press Releases and advertise it for free through online newsgroups and advertising sites.
  • Another place you could sell your products is through eBay but you will need to know what you're doing. Read more about fundraising using eBay here.

Offline Promotion:

  • Start with announcements at School assembly, during class, and at sports events; and encourage the kids to spread the word.
  • Then have posters up around school and hand out flyers to the kids to take home to their parents.
  • Speak to the old boys and girls organization if you have one (kids who attended but have finished at your school) and get them involved!
  • Ask local businesses for their support and get them to hang posters on their walls.
  • And off course if it's a product fundraiser get your sales team to spread the word as much as they can!

Fundraising Ideas:

Here are some different school fundraising ideas that you can use for a school spirit fundraiser...

  • Clothing & Accessories - Apparel Fundraising - Selling school or sports scarves, caps, shirts, jackets, flags and banners! This is one of the best ways to create some spirit in your school.

    Just make sure that the Apparel etc is good quality and that the kids and their parents will be proud to wear them!

    My best recommendation
    would be to setup a customizable online Apparel Fundraising store through Spirit School Apparel . This way you can run this excellent fundraiser both online and offline!

    The quality of their clothing and apparel is excellent, and it's also FREE to setup and sell through them.
  • Fundraising Bracelets - This is a really successful idea that took the world by storm a few years ago with LiveStrong.

    Just customize it for your school.

Creating Spirit with your fundraising! Apparel items like bracelets are a great start!  (Photo by Preston Kemp / Flickr)
Create fundraising spirit with temporary tattoos. (Photo by Ian Muttoo / Flickr)
  • A Temporary Tattoo Fundraiser - A really cool school spirit fundraiser! Sell temporary tattoos designed for your school or sports teams at all your events and sports events.

    It's a super cool way for supporters and kids to show their support for your school, raise the spirit levels and raise funds at the same time!
  • And what about a Dogdeball Tournament! It's fun, it creates a great atmosphere and the kids are always keen to get involved!

Finishing Off:

The best fundraisers are always the ones that raise awareness and funds at the same time...

And that's just what a school spirit fundraiser does. It creates spirit and pride in your school, builds awareness for your school, and raises those much needed funds!

So pick a fundraising program that will help you build some buzz and spirit, and help put some pride into your school.

Go get em...

Other School Fundraising Ideas:

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