Valentine Fundraising Ideas

It's the most romantic day of the year - And a fantastic opportunity for fundraising!!!

Valentine fundraising ideas come in a wide variety of shapes and forms...

But there will definitely be at least one idea that you can use to fundraise successfully for your cause!

So Don't Miss Out on the Valentine's Day Fundraising Potential...

Take a look through this super list of ideas that could be perfect for your organization to fundraise before and on this day of romance!

And be creative with them.

Customize them for your cause and its supporters... and always think of ways to make them more fun and more effective!

Valentine Fundraising Ideas! A whole assortment of ideas that are sure to explode your fundraising over Valentines! (Photo by Barb Steinacker / Flickr)

Let's start the love...

Valentine's Day Fundraising Ideas:

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Flowers | Roses | Cards | Gift Baskets | Other Raffles | Valentine's Auctions | Valentine's Dance | Wine Tasting | Wall of Love - Pinups | Valentine's Themed Mufti Day | Bake Sale


The first most obvious Valentine Fundraising idea you could use is the sale of flowers! This should be a pretty obvious fundraiser.

Take orders leading up to the day (possibly with a delivery service) and sell at a stand outside your organization or at a local shopping center.

You can also then sell bunches in restaurants, pubs, and parks, etc.

For some great tips and ideas on fundraising with Flowers take a read here.


If a variety of Flowers is too much to organize than just focus on Roses. They'll be the most popular flower item for the day!


You can either, buy and sell Valentine Theme cards, or if you have some crafty members then consider making your own Valentine's Day Cards. A great idea might be to take orders for personalized cards!

You should sell the cards alongside your flowers, or on their own through the same sales strategies as above!

Valentine Fundraising Ideas - Here some fantastic ideas to make your Valentine Fundraising super successful. (Photo by Malia Karlinsky / Flickr)

T Shirts:

A great idea could be to setup a FREE Valentine's T Shirt Fundraiser with BonfireFunds.

You then design some cute and clever T Shirts for Valentines day, that people would just love to buy for that special person in their life. And of course then promote like mad!

This type of fundraising is great as people can see your fundraising progress and also promote your T Shirt fundraising page to all their friends and family.

So if they loved your shirt design (and cause), then there's a good chance they'll recommend it to friends!!! Which is powerful promoting potential.

Gift Baskets:

Here is one of my favorite Valentine Fundraising Ideas! Gift Baskets are a brilliant fundraising item that can be sold, raffled, or auctioned off...

And there are loads of ideas that you could use for your Valentine Themed Gift Baskets.

A great idea for schools would be to get each class to create a Gift Basket, with each student bringing in an item for the basket (obviously donated by their parents).

Other Raffles:

Gift Baskets are not the only things that you can raffle off.

Anything that is related to this day, or to romance or love, and that is desirable, can be used in a raffle.

For example...

  • Romantic Getaway tickets.
  • Spa Vouchers
  • Restaurant Gift Cards
  • Cinema Tickets, etc

And what is so great about a Raffle is that you can use it within an event, like at a Valentine's Dance (see below), or completely on its own. It's an exceptionally flexible and adaptable fundraising idea!

For ideas on Raffle Fundraising read here.

Valentine Auctions:

And of course, you could instead use all the above items for an auction.

Consider incorporating both, or one of the above two Valentine fundraising ideas into a fundraising dinner or Gala event.

Valentine's Dance:

This is a superb Valentine Fundraising Idea, especially for Schools and organizations with Youth Groups. What better way to spread the love of Valentines than at a Dance.

You'll need to find a venue in your area, like your School Hall or Church. And then decorate it in the Valentine's theme!

Then promote it and sell tickets. And of course increase your fundraising potential with additional fundraisers during the evening!

For example...

  • You can sell drinks and food.
  • Allow people to dedicate songs for a small fee throughout the night.
  • Have a Dance Contest.
  • Or sell your Organization Apparel, Etc.

Wine Tasting:

This is a fundraiser that I will always attend. And it's a great idea for Valentine's Day!

Setup a Wine Tasting event - Sell tickets, hold a raffle or auction during the event, and have the Wines on sale after the tasting is done.

Look to get your Wine sponsored for the tasting as well if you can.

Wall of Love - Pinups:

This is a cool Valentine fundraising idea!

Create a wall where people can buy Pinups to show their love for that special person in their life! The Pinups should be pink and in the shape of a heart, with space in the middle for people to write their notes of love on.

Your wall obviously needs to be in a public place where many people will see the pinups, plus be enticed to purchase their own Card of Love to pinup!

You could also look to incorporate it as a Cause Marketing strategy and partner with a local supermarket or store, and have your wall of love there.

Valentine's Themed Mufti Day:

This is great idea for Schools! Hold a mufti day, or civvies day (no uniform), in the theme of Valentines.

Students pay a small fee, OR have to raise a certain amount of money to be able to attend school on the 14th in their Valentine Themed outfit!

Bake Sale (& Other Items):

What would Valentines be without a Bake Sale?

And there are so many bake sale items that you could use to great success!

For some ideas on what you could bake and sell, take a look at this Pinterest Board of mine on Valentine Fundraising Ideas. You'll find some brilliant ideas!

You also don't have to sell items that you've specifically baked and can include other products in the sale.

A Valentine Fundraising Bake Sale?! It's a great idea. (Photo by Kai Schreiber / Flickr)

Some specific suggestions for your Bake Sale would be...

  • Valentine Fortune Cookies.
  • Heart shaped cookies.
  • Cupcakes with romantic handwritten notes on top with Icing.
  • Cinnamon rolls in the shape of hearts.

And other products...

  • Chocolates
  • Jewelry
  • Valentine Cards
  • Flowers, etc.


As you can see there are quite few options for fundraising on Valentine's Day. You also have plenty of opportunity to be creative with your fundraising.

It's a day of love - So encourage people to share the love and help you raise funds for your incredible cause!

Wishing you the best of luck!

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