Creative Fundraising Ideas

For the most creative fundraising ideas that are both exciting and profitable you have come to the right page!

You will find a mixture of unique fundraising ideas that can be used on their own, or in conjunction with other creative fundraisers!

Just remember that whatever fundraising ideas you choose to use you will need to organize and run them properly.

So take the time to read the right pages and resources if you want to get the most out of your fundraising.

Creative Fundraising Ideas - Pin On Map Treasure Hunt! (Photo by Selena N. B. H. / Flickr)

A place to start would be the How To Organize A Fundraiser page.

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But for now let's look at these creative fundraising ideas...

Creative Fundraisers:

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Flamingo Fundraiser | Helicopter Drop & Pin On Map Raffles | Online Fundraisers | Magic Plants | Gift Baskets | Dueling Pianos | Custom Town-Opoly Boards | Smencils

Flamingo Fundraiser:

Whoa! I just absolutely love this fundraiser.

It's simple, creative, and will be loads of fun! It will also work extremely well for youth groups and high school groups.

What you do is acquire a flock of plastic flamingos that you will sneak into people's yards and land them on their lawns!

The lucky owners can then have the flock removed for a set fee (say $5) and then if they want, have the flamingos placed in a friend's yard for a further fee (say another $5).

And that's the fundraiser! All you need is a willing group of volunteers who can move the flock around and take payment for their removal and replacement.

You can also use variants for this idea and instead of a flock of flamingos; you can use a pink toilet or a herd of reindeer etc.!

Read more about running a Flocking Flamingo Fundraiser...

Helicopter Drop & Pin On Map:

These are two creative fundraising ideas that take a bit of a twist on the common raffle.

They are fundraisers that will work best at events, but you could possibly use them as standalone fundraisers as well.

Supporters will either buy marked blocks on a field (for the heli drop), or pins to place on a map where they think the treasure will be hidden.

For the Heli Drop:

Once all the blocks have been bought or the allocated time is up, a helicopter will fly over the field and finally drop a bag. The block that the bag falls in will win the prize.

Helicopter Drop Raffle Fundraising Idea. (Photo by Keith Williams / Flickr)

For the Pin on Map:

Supporters will have a certain amount of time to buy as many pins as they can and pin them onto the map. At the announcement time the treasure's location will be announced and the pin nearest to it will win.

Once again simple, yet creative fundraising ideas!

You could have multiple prizes if you wish, which may encourage people to buy more tickets (Pins or Blocks).

For more information on these two creative fundraising ideas go here.

Creative Online Fundraisers:

The internet has provided so many new and creative fundraising ideas, that it's actually quite awesome.

Here are a few I'd recommend you look into...

Green Magic Plant Fundraiser:

Creative Fundraising Idea - Magic Plant Fundraiser. Learn some more...

Magic plants are special beans that when grown will reveal a special note on them!

How cool is that!

They are contained in recycled cans and are one of the most successfully creative fundraising ideas at the moment!

Use a Google search below to find a supplier of this fundraiser in your area or country...

Gift Basket Fundraiser:

This is a fundraiser that could be quite boring... But it can also be really fun if you make it creative like it should be!

This is how you do it... Create desirable gift baskets that you then raffle or auction off!

Be creative with your designs and your themes whilst getting everyone involved.

A great idea would be to auction them off online through a silent auction. Silent auctions are one of the best forms of fundraising and they can be amazingly profitable.

If there is enough demand you could quite possibly run a small Gift Basket 'business' that raises funds for your cause. It's definitely worth investigating...

So investigate the Gift Basket Fundraiser further.

Dueling Pianos:

This is the most creative fundraising event you will come across. It's loud, it’s festive, and it's one great way of having an entertaining party and raising great funds at the same time.

It's a dinner event where you will need to book and sell tickets to your supporters. With a good mix of add-on fundraisers this will be a really rewarding fundraiser.

The entertainment will be two pianists that duel it out to see who can play the longest, loudest and most creatively... Like playing with their feet ect.

Please go here to read more about this awesomely exciting fundraiser event!

Town-opoly Fundraiser:

How is this for creative?!

Customize one of the most popular board games to your local area/city by getting businesses to sponsor and advertise on the board (they will be the places on the board).

Then sell these boards to your supporters, and to all who live in your area or city!

Monopoly Fundraiser - Creative Fundraisers. (Photo by Secret Pilgrim on Flickr)

This fundraiser is a real hit and is one of the most creative fundraising ideas you could use. If your supporters like board games then I would suggest that at one stage in time you run a monopoly fundraiser!


This is the last creative fundraiser on this page but it is also a really cool fundraiser...

Not to mention that it is one of the earth friendly fundraisers.

Smencils are simply scented pencils that are made from recycled newspaper. Kid's absolutely love them and it's the perfect fundraiser for schools and churches with youth groups.

There are loads of different scents that you can get and each pencil sells for really cheap making this an easy fundraiser!

Go here for more on running the Smencils Fundraiser!

Closing The Creative Fundraising Ideas:

The best thing about these creative fundraising ideas is that they are very simple to do.

With the right planning, and loads of excitement these fundraisers will be really, really profitable.

But always make sure that you pick the right fundraisers for your group. So do your due diligence and then get going!

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