The Top 10 Fundraising Ideas

Want to succeed with your fundraising?! Then you need to pick the right ideas!

And in general, the following are the TOP 10 Fundraising Ideas to use!

The ideas that will help raise you more.

You'll find a few quick and simple ideas. But mostly all are big funding potential ideas.


All these ideas have been used successfully by thousands of people and organizations.

Remember Though...

That not every fundraiser will be perfect for you and your organization.

You need to think carefully about what would work best with your members, supporters and potential supporters; before starting a fundraiser.

I'd recommend you read through as many ideas as possible, and use the idea/s that best fit your cause!

Looking for the BEST Fundraising Ideas? Well here are the Top 10 Fundraising Ideas. Quick & simple ideas. Big funding potential ideas. All used successfully by thousands. (Photo by J R / Flickr)

A Side Note for Charities & Most Nonprofit Organizations:

The following ideas should not be replacements for your fundamental fundraising strategies that you have in place. Or that you should have in place.

Namely... A solid Donor Program and Donor Retention Strategy (Plus a Foundation Grant request strategy). Which would/could include a...

  • Monthly giving program,
  • Direct mail campaigns,
  • Email campaigns,
  • Major donor solicitation,
  • Online campaigns,
  • And Bequests.

Read the Charity Fundraising Ideas page for more great info and resources on these ongoing fundraising strategies.

Let’s get onto the top 10 fundraising ideas then...

The Top 10 Fundraising Ideas:

Quick Links...

1. Online Donation Campaign (Crowdfunding) | 2. Online T Shirt Fundraiser | 3. Raffles | 4. Pledge Events like a Walkathon | 5. Golf Day | 6. Auctions | 7. Apparel | 8. Cause Marketing - Fundraising with Businesses | 9. Lollipops | 10. Discount Cards

1. Online Donation Campaign (Crowdfunding):

For most groups and causes this would be the first recommended fundraising idea.

It is without a doubt the simplest and quickest method of raising funds!

What you do is...

  1. Signup and setup an Online Donation page on a Crowdfunding platform.
  2. Write a killer fundraising request pitch. That connects readers emotionally to your cause.

    They must feel MOVED by your cause and trust that they'll be making a difference by donating.
  3. Include a Video (and some great images). Stats have shown that videos greatly increase your crowdfunding success.

    Make sure that it's short, sharp, and once again connects emotionally.
  4. And then you must PROMOTE effectively. The more eyeballs on your fundraising page, the more donations you shall receive!
Here are the Top 10 Fundraising Ideas. Number one - The Online Donations Fundraiser (Crowdfunding). Quick & simple to setup, with big funding potential. (Photo by Sharon Drummond / Flickr)


So please take your time to read the 10 steps to a successful Crowdfunding Campaign...

...To make sure that you actually DO get funded, and are not another "No Funds Raised" statistic!

To get started, SETUP your online donation page here for FREE.

2. Online T Shirt Fundraiser:

Our number 2 of these top 10 fundraising ideas is in fact a brilliant combination of the above idea and number 7, Apparel Fundraising.

It's new. It's unique.

And it's proving exceptionally effective and successful!

It is essentially a Crowdfunding Campaign but with the focus being on selling custom "cause" T Shirts. Which provides an added benefit and extra motivation for people to support your cause!

But unlike conventional T Shirt fundraising, the Crowdfunding Platform takes care of all the hassles - Payments and donations, printing shirts, and shipping.

Looking for the BEST Fundraising Ideas? Well here are the Top 10 Fundraising Ideas you could use. This being number Two - The brilliant Online T Shirt Fundraiser. Quick & simple to setup.

And it once again doesn't cost you a cent. It is Risk-FREE and Hassle-FREE.

How To Succeed?

Follow the same advice as with a normal Crowdfunding Campaign (read up above)...

But just make sure you design AWESOME T shirts.

Ready to Start?

Signup for free and get started here.

3. Profitable Raffles:

A raffle is a fundraising idea that will be effective under almost any circumstance - you just have to sell tickets.

And there are many different types of raffles you could hold...

You should include a raffle in all your events and consider holding a large non-event focused raffle once a year. Just always make sure the prizes are really great!

Or if you can't get prizes use a simple 50/50 Raffle, where you split the cash raised between the winner and yourself, 50/50!

Click here to read more about successful Raffle Fundraising.

4. Pledge Events - Walkathons:

These type of fundraising events are PHENOMENAL.


Because their fundraising potential is exponential.

Their potential is exponential because...

  • PG/P x P x UC x APA = Funds Raised
  • Each (P)articipant individually takes pledges (raises funds) for your cause. The more participants - The more funds you can raise.
  • Plus the more Pledges Given each Participant can acquire (PG/P) - The More Funds Raised.
  • Pledges are given based on the amount of units completed (UC). For example: $1 for every mile walked. The more units completed - the more funds you can raise.
  • And you can set the pledge amount, or let the donors decide. But either way... The higher the Average Pledge Amount (APA) - The more funds you will raise.

So that exponential formula again:

(Number of Participants) x (Average Amount of Pledges Given per Participant) x (Average Pledge Amount) x (Units Completed) = Funds Raised

So for example: If you had 40 participants who each (on average) took 10 pledges of $1 for every mile completed, of which they all completed 10 miles. You would raise $4000.

But if you were able to increase each of those factors by 50%... You would then raise $20,250.

See where this is going?

What if you were able to triple each of those original numbers. 120 Participants. 30 Pledges each at a $3 average. And 30 miles completed.

Now you will raise a brilliant $324,000.

Are you starting to see how incredible the exponential fundraising potential is, that pledge events hold?

Small increases to each factor, make huge differences to your final funds raised!

What Pledge Events are Great?

Walkathons are without a doubt the most popular. But there are some other great events that you could use. Like a...

For some great resources on running successful Pledge Fundraisers:

Including guides, pledge forms, flyer templates, a timeline planner, sample press releases, participant instructions, pledge software, plus more...

Read here.

Looking for the BEST Fundraising Ideas? These are the Top 10 Fundraising Ideas you could use. Number 4 - Pledge Events. This idea holds big funding potential. (Photo by Saint Francis Academy / Flickr)

5. A Golf Day

Another great event that fits perfectly into the Top 10 Fundraising Ideas.

A golf day is a great way to raise a large amount of funds, and to also raise good awareness for your cause!

Be warned though that it does take a fair amount of work and organization to run it successfully!

Click here to read about golf fundraising ideas.

6. Auctions

Just like a raffle, Fundraising Auctions will fit perfectly into most fundraising events... But, can also be run on their own!

It's a fundraiser that many causes and Nonprofits use extremely successfully and raise huge funds from!

Looking for the BEST Fundraising Ideas? Well here are the Top 10 Fundraising Ideas you could use. This being number six - Auction Fundraisers. (Photo by Alan Kotok / Flickr)

You could hold a...

It is definitely, without a doubt, one of the top 10 fundraising ideas you could use!

7. Apparel Fundraising:

Most groups (especially schools, churches, bands, etc.) should be using some form of Apparel Fundraising.

It is such a brilliant fundraiser that will bring in continuous funds and sustainability to your fundraising.

It's a fundraiser that your members will be passionate and excited about. It will also raise more awareness for your cause!

You can sell the Apparel from your thrift shop, at all your events, by word of mouth, and also online through an Online Apparel Store.

8. Cause Marketing - Fundraising with Businesses:

Simply put, Cause Marketing is a partnership between a Nonprofit and a For-Profit that is mutually beneficial.

And it provides quite a few brilliant fundraising methods that your cause could use. Including...

It is definitely one of the top 10 fundraising ideas available and has huge fundraising potential.

For more info on Cause Marketing and the different methods available, read this great guest post by the Cause Marketing guru, Joe Waters.

Or check out his book, "Fundraising with Businesses: 40 New (and Improved!) Strategies for Nonprofits."

9. Lollipops:

This is a cheap fundraising item that is very popular and will always sell!

Lollipops are one of the last Top 10 Fundraising Ideas, but they could quite easily be one of your most successful fundraisers.

Sell them on their own. Or add them on as another option to other product fundraisers, like cookie dough, and watch how quickly they sell.

Click here to read about lollipop fundraising.

And if you want to find out what fundraising products are currently popular and profitable, grab this FREE fundraising info guide.

Looking for the BEST Fundraising Ideas? Well here are the Top 10 Fundraising Ideas you could use. This being number 9 - Quick and easy Lollipop Fundraising.

10. Discount Fundraising Cards:

This is such a fantastic fundraising idea! People simply love discounts and if they can get discounts to shops that they like shopping in, they are immediately interested!

It's what I call the Win-Win-Win Fundraiser. You win, the Customer wins, and the Shops also win!

Click here to read about Discount Fundraising Cards.

And Those are the BEST Fundraising Ideas:

For ideas on how to promote any of these top 10 fundraising ideas read here.

I wish you all the best of luck with your fundraising.

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