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Youth Fundraising Through Sports

Youth Fundraising Ideas with Sports! (Photo by Mike Morris / Flickr)

A youth fundraiser has a very unique quality to it... And that is that it involves kids!

Kids are energetic, enthusiastic and always willing to get involved.

And when you combine kids with sport, you've got a great setup for successful fundraising!

A sports fundraiser can use any type of sport suitable for kids.

But the more popular the sport is for your youth, the better your fundraiser will be!

Let's take a look...

Sports Youth Fundraiser:

The first step will be to decide what sports fundraising idea you will use.

Like I said above, pick a sport that will be popular amongst your kids or youth group. Or you could also go with something creative like a Dodgeball Tournament!

Some good options are a Basketball Tournament Fundraiser, a Touch Rugby Tournament, Tenpin Bowling, a Soccer Tournament, or for older kids a golf day would also work.

In fact, any sport can be molded into a profitable fundraiser as long as the participants (the youth) enjoy it!

Get Organized & Be Prepared:

Learn how to use sports in your Youth Fundraising!  (Photo by Yousif Chaker / Flickr)

Any sports fundraiser or event is going to take organization to run effectively! So make sure that you are totally prepared for the fundraiser, way before the actual date.

Prepare your volunteers (your kids) and hand out jobs amongst them evenly.

Fill your playing fields and have all the necessary equipment needed for the day. And importantly, read all the advice on the relevant sports fundraising pages here on Rewarding Fundraising Ideas!

A great resource to read that will help with organizing your fundraising events is the Instant Event Fundraising System. It will help you set up an easy to manage system for running your youth fundraiser!

Then you need to make sure you have totally prepared and setup your add-on fundraising ideas...

ADD-ON Fundraisers:

Obviously the first way you'll raise funds with a sports youth fundraiser is through the entry fees.

Don't charge too much or else no one will come. And anyway there are loads of other ways to raise funds throughout your fundraiser...

Corporate or business sponsorships...

...will always bring in great funds and you should start setting them up way in advance of your event.

I'd recommend you make use of Shanon Doolittle's excellent Event Fundraising series for the best advice on getting more from your sponsorship's for events!

One of the best Add-On fundraisers...

...to always use is simply a Raffle. An Auction could also work and loads of causes have huge success with Silent Auctions at their events.

Youth Fundraising Through Sports!  (Photo by Mike Morris / Flickr)


Then you can sell different fundraising products like organization bracelets, discount cards, Organization Apparel like T Shirts or Stadium Seats, and Lollipops!

Check out this FREE Fundraising Guide to see what fundraising products are currently popular and profitable.

Obviously you will have to provide food and refreshments, so use this as another way of fundraising on the day.

Be creative and come up with other competitions during your fundraiser that supporters can participate in and that you can fundraise from.

And Lastly, Through Donations...

Have a few donation boxes, and encourage attendees to drop their spare change or any amount they can into the donation boxes!

Also promote your online donation page.

Have Fun:

It is extremely important that all your kids have a heap load of fun and that everyone involved enjoys themselves. When people are having fun, they will be more likely to give more and participate more.

They will also be excited about this fundraiser the next time it comes around!

And they will be even more excited about participating and helping out next time if they have fun, AND if you get the next and last step right...

Thank Everyone Involved Properly:

People like to feel appreciated and a simple 'Thank You' goes such a long way.

Thank everyone involved on the day and afterwards through your website, Facebook page, and importantly, in person.

Other Youth Fundraising Ideas:

Here are a few other Youth Fundraisers worth pointing out, that can be used alongside your Sports events, or as standalone fundraisers...

Social Media / Online Donations Fundraiser:

This is an idea for older kids as it needs the use of social media websites like Facebook and Twitter to be really affective.

But it's such a simple fundraiser to set up and with the reach that kids have through Facebook nowadays this youth fundraiser can go viral very quickly.

YOU will need to setup an AWESOME campaign page (Click to learn how)... But more importantly you will need to get your youth to drive loads of people to those pages.!

You can Setup your fundraising page here for FREE.

Online Apparel Fundraising:

This is another youth fundraiser that will be driven online but that can also be strongly promoted offline.

Setup an online Apparel Store for free. Then customize the wide range of Apparel Available, and finally promote that store and your Apparel like crazy!

It's really hassle-free and most importantly profitable!

Read the Online Apparel Fundraising page to learn how to run this fundraiser successfully!

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