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A booster club fundraiser is a fundraising campaign that is run by the booster club of a school , club, sports team, or university.

And this page provides the best fundraising ideas for Booster Clubs!

So what is a Booster Club?

A booster club is a group (usually consisting of parents) that supports an organization by helping out with different things:

Like organizing, donating, running events, and fundraising.

Essentially it helps boost the organization! (It is not the PTO - Parent/Teacher Association.)

The Best Booster Club Fundraising Ideas. (Photo by RicLaf / Flickr)

Be Organized...

To ensure that a booster club fundraiser is successful, you first need to make sure that your club is organized and run properly.

You must have proper management of the club and have a clear idea of what your specific clubs purpose is!

You must have one person in charge (a chairman) that will head up the delegation of jobs and make any crucial or debated decisions! Too many people who think they are in charge will just cause issues!

Code of Ethics...

Your booster club should also follow a good code of ethics.

Follow any rules or guidelines that the organization, that the club supporters, sets out for the club. You should also make sure that your organization is aware of all the actions your club takes or fundraisers it holds.

There must be good communication between the booster club and your organization!

Just remember that your club is there to help boost the organization... It is not there for its own benefit!!!

Helping With Fundraising...

There are loads of ways that a booster club can fundraise for its organization and often the club will actually be there to help out with fundraisers that the organization holds...

Like helping out at events! Running the food and drinks stand, or maybe by selling fundraising products.

The clubs purpose could also be to boost the promoting of a fundraiser held by the Organization!

Then of course there are the specific booster club fundraisers that can be held. Let's take a look at the best ideas...

Booster Club Fundraisers:

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Branded Apparel | Online Fundraising & Crowdfunding | Events & Fundraising at Events | A Golf Day | Raffles & Auctions | Product Items

Branded Apparel Fundraising:

This booster club fundraiser is the setting up and/or running of an Branded Apparel fundraising campaign.

Apparel fundraising is one of the best ways for organizations to easily fundraise continually year after year!

And I would highly recommend that you run an Online Apparel Fundraising campaign off Spirit School Apparel.

Online apparel fundraising through SSA is firstly costless, but it also holds so much more potential than a pure offline campaign.

This is one of the BEST Booster Club Fundraising Ideas: Continuous fundraising through a Online Branded Apparel Store.

The bottom line is...

That you will have far more success and make far better profits with an online Apparel fundraiser! The convenience of it is another thing that makes it so rewarding.

An apparel fundraising campaign is definitely a booster club fundraiser that your club or organization should be using.

Whether your club's purpose is to set up the online store, run the store, or just to help promote it... Make sure that your club is involved and that your organization is using this brilliant fundraising idea!!!

Online Fundraising & Crowdfunding:

Crowdfunding is an online fundraising method that gets a crowd of people to donate to your club or cause... Essentially, funding through a crowd.

This will often be the perfect booster club fundraiser for your club to hold, no matter what the funding need is.

What You Do...

Is setup a FREE fundraising page on this Crowdfunding Website and then promote it to all your members, supporters, friends, family, and absolutely anyone who might help your cause out.

Just please make sure that you read all of the info and advice given on the Online Donations Fundraiser pages to ensure that you have the most rewarding booster club fundraiser possible!

Events or Fundraising At Events:

Booster clubs can easily set up fundraising events themselves, but can also create fundraisers at events that your organization is holding...

There are also loads of events that you could hold...

Like a Dueling Piano Evening or a Food Taste Dinner, and any of them could be a successful booster club fundraiser!

You'll just need to find and pick event ideas that would work for your club, its organizations and the people who would attend that event.

For Fundraising Events Ideas go here.

A Golf Day:

A golf day is one of the best events that you could hold and I would just like to point it out quickly.

But saying that, it is still a difficult fundraiser to organize, just like most events!

A Golf Day can be a super rewarding Booster Club Fundraiser. (Photo by Fevi Yu / Flickr)

Read the Golf Fundraising Ideas for a Golf Day page to get the most out of your Golf Day!

It really can be an amazingly rewarding booster club fundraiser, but just make sure that you are totally prepared to run it!!!

Raffles & Auctions:

These are two stalwarts of fundraising!

There are always ways of profitably utilizing either of these fundraising methods on their own or as part of an event.

For ideas on Raffles read here...

And for information on running fundraising auctions take a read here.

Fundraising Product Items:

These products can either be sold at events or on their own as individual fundraisers!

There are many different fundraising products that you could use from food products to discount cards!

For American and Canadian fundraisers I'd recommend you grab a free fundraising product guide to see what products are available and what profits you can make with them.

Or use a Google search below to find a fundraising product supplier in your area or Country...

Finishing Off:

Please always remember the purpose of your booster club...

It's there to help your organization and not there for its own benefit!!!

Make sure you discuss carefully what fundraising idea you are going to use for your booster club fundraiser, and always use the one that will work best for your club and organization!

You should be using an Online Apparel Fundraiser regardless and the Online Donations Fundraiser will always be a good option as well. But it really is up to you to think carefully about what will work for your group.

And please come back and tell us your booster club fundraiser success story at the Successful Fundraising Ideas page!

We'd love to hear about it!

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