Dueling Pianos Fundraiser

What a fun fundraising event idea!

The Dueling Pianos fundraiser is a creative fundraising idea that will provide a fantastically entertaining evening for all your supporters...

And will also provide a great fundraising opportunity for yourself.

This fundraiser is an entertainment and dinner evening where two pianists will duel it out with each other.

Have them compete to see who can play the longest, the loudest, the most creatively, and the best, all while harmonizing with each other and keeping the audience enthralled.

The Dueling Pianos Fundraiser! A super fun and entertaining fundraising event. (Photo by Amy Claxton / Flickr)

You can get really creative with this and get people in the audience to request songs and so on...

Just make sure this is an extremely enjoyable evening for everyone!

You will obviously raise funds through tickets sales and add-on fundraisers.

But let's take a look at what you'll need to do...

The Dueling Pianos Fundraiser -
The Pianists:

Your first step will be finding two skilled pianists. Obviously without the pianist you can't have the fundraiser.

You will probably be able to find some within your members and supporters that would be happy to do it for free. You just have to make sure that they are good enough and will be able to keep the audience entertained.

The other option would be to hire out two professionals. This will obviously cost you more, but with them on board you can guarantee the entertainment and you may be able to sell more tickets...

...Making it a worthwhile hire!

An American company called Dueling Piano Shows International is the perfect option for this service. You can hire pianists through them that will hold a sing along comedy act that will be the perfect show for your supporters!

Their consultants will even help ensure that you receive the best suited act for your supporters.

You can also use a Google Search below to find some local professional pianists...

Location & Organization:

Being completely organized will help ensure that your dueling pianos fundraiser runs as smoothly as possible and is the most profitable it can be.

I would suggest that you read the Instant Event Fundraising System before you run any fundraising event. This book provides a system for organizing and running a successful fundraising event that works incredibly well.

It will help you raise a lot of extra funds that you never realized you could raise!

You will obviously need to find a suitable location to hold this creative fundraising idea. You might be lucky and have a venue yourself or you may need to find one near you.

Just make sure that it has all the right facilities and can accommodate the amount of people you expect.

Some places that might have a suitable venue for you are local schools, churches, sports clubs, conference venues, or even someone's large back yard (depending on the size of the event).

You should also include dinner with the event so make sure you organize proper catering and make it a truly special event!

Also make sure that you take photos during the evening to possibly use in your photo fundraising books.

The Dueling Pianos Fundraiser! A super fun and entertaining fundraising event. (Photo by Gareth Jones / Flickr)

Add-On Fundraising Ideas:

Obviously you will raise your initial funds through ticket sales but there are many more funds to be raised through the night.

Make sure you have add-on fundraisers that will complement and contribute to your dueling pianos fundraiser.

Some ideas would be....

Advertise & Sell Event Tickets:

You will obviously want to fill your event to maximize profitability so make sure you advertise your event properly and sell enough tickets!

You should firstly have a sales team that will speak to people (friends, family, neighbors, and old supporters) directly and sell them tickets. This will be your most effective way of selling tickets.

I would highly recommend you read this book by Jack Atwell to get the most out of your ticket sales. Jack's experience with fundraising sales has helped him provide some great sections in his book on effective fundraising sales that you just have to read.

Then of course the more awareness you have for this fundraiser, the more tickets you will sell.

Use these advertising methods to get the word out there about your fun dueling pianos fundraiser...

  • Post an article about your Dueling Pianos Fundraiser on your fundraising website and advertise about it around the site.
  • Promote it through your newsletter correspondence and on your Twitter account and Facebook page. Encourage your supporters to forward on all correspondences!
  • Post posters up around your organization and ask local businesses to do the same. Encourage local businesses to book out a table for themselves and to hand out flyers to their employees and customers.
  • Use Word of Mouth!
  • A press release can also be highly effective! Read about PRs in Jack Atwell's fundraising book .

Wrapping up:

This dueling pianos fundraiser is a really creative and fun fundraiser event that the whole family can enjoy.

I would highly recommend it!

Just make sure you:

  1. Are organized and prepared;
  2. Have great performers that will keep everyone entertained;
  3. And that you sell enough tickets to maximize profitability!

Good luck!

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