Simple Fundraising Ideas

These simple fundraising ideas will get your fundraising campaigns off to a gallop!

They are diverse ideas that are easy to set up, but are proven successful and will bring in those much needed funds for your organization.

But remember...

Even though they may be simple ideas, you will still need to organize them properly to effectively fundraise with them!

Let's have a look at these novel fundraising ideas...

Simple Fundraisers:

Wrapping Paper Fundraisers:

A brilliantly simple fundraising idea that uses a product that people have to buy every year during the festive season!

Let's make that point again...

... A product that people buy every year ANYWAY! Regardless of whether you fundraise with it or not!

For a really simple fundraising idea try the Wrapping Paper Fundraiser. Simple yet very rewarding! Learn more... (Photo by Katy Warner / Flickr)

So find a wrapping paper supplier that will provide you gift wrap at a wholesale price... And then sell the wrapping paper on to your organizations' friends, family, neighbors, members and supporters.

Read more about these simple fundraising ideas here.

Online Donations Fundraiser:

This is simple enough...

Setup an online donations page here for FREE and drive people to that page through sharing on Social Media and other promoting, and get them to donate to your cause in a few clicks!

But to make it really successful it will get a bit more complex then that, so make sure you read the 10 Step Guide to Successful Online Donation Drives!

Magazine Subscription Fundraiser:

This is definitely one of the best simple fundraising ideas you will ever come across.

And once again it is with something that people are buying (or subscribing to) every month ANYWAY!

The average household subscribes to three magazines every year...

So... All you have to do is get them to subscribe to their favorite magazines through your fundraising campaign.

You will then earn up to 40% commission on every subscription. How's that for a simple and rewarding fundraising idea!

I recommend that all small organizations consider using this fundraiser in their fundraising campaign!

Go here for more on magazine fundraisers.

Another really simple fundraising idea is the Lollipop Fundraiser. Learn more... (Photo by Ana Ulin / Flickr)


This is a face to face based sales fundraiser that's very easy to sell.

Lollipops are so cheap and popular that your sales team will find it so simple to go around and sell your stock out quickly.

Just ensure you have prepared your sales team properly!

I'd highly recommend you read Jack Atwell's book "Let's Raise Money" to get some of his invaluable experience in fundraising sales. He provides some excellent advice on getting the most from your sales team!

Read more about Lollipops.

Discount Fundraiser Cards:

Another brilliant idea you should consider using!

I call this the WIN-WIN-WIN fundraiser because three sets of people benefit through it.

The customers save money! The stores get exposure and more customers! And you raise some really great funds!

This is also one of the more profitable fundraisers around and I would highly recommend it to any group.

I mean after all, who wouldn't want to support your group and be able to make some great savings as well!

There are quite a few different discount fundraiser cards that you could use like the Pizza fundraiser cards, or the Dinner & Movie fundraiser cards.

But for custom discount cards read here.

Get Paid Per Click Fundraising:

This is a fantastically simple fundraiser for organizations that have websites which generate good traffic (visitors) to their site.

What you do is add advertising blocks to your website from Google, and other ad networks, which will post relevant ads to your site.

Every time someone clicks on one of those ads the advertiser pays Google a fee for that click and you then receive a percentage of that fee.

Many websites generate huge revenue just through pay per click advertising and it's a simple fundraising idea that you should be using if you have a fundraising website.

Just make sure that you read and follow all the guidelines and policies.

Read more about get paid per click fundraising here.

(And if you don't have a website I would highly recommend that you get one. Read about setting up successful fundraising websites.)

Ending The Simple Fundraising Ideas:

These five simple fundraising ideas can be used by any type of group or organization.

They will also be very profitable if done properly.

They are super simple to set up and get going... and if you are not using a few of them on a regular basis then you are missing out!

So get organized; Get motivated; And get Fundraising!!!

Other Rewarding Fundraising Ideas:

Online Auction Fundraiser

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