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Running a successful High School Fundraiser can be loads of fun and really rewarding! But don't forget that it will take a lot of planning and effort to make successful.

As to what fundraising ideas you use will depend on your High School and the supporters that it has.

A fundraiser for your High School can be any one of the many ideas that you will find on this site, but you really need to think carefully about what fundraising idea will provide the most success and reward for your effort!

So think carefully about what fundraiser/s will work the best for your school.

It also needs to be a fundraiser that your students will be passionate about selling, promoting or buying... They are after all likely to be the driving force behind the success of your fundraiser!!!

All sports events provide the perfect place to have a High School Fundraiser. In this photo Maritzburg College does their spelling WarCry before their 1st team rugby match!

Recommended Resource:

SSA Custom Apparel Stores

It's one of the reasons why I absolutely love Apparel Fundraising and why I recommend that all Schools and Colleges use it.

Most students love wearing supporter or casual Apparel of their School and are passionate about selling it and promoting it...

You also have a great customer base through their parents (plus other family members) and past graduates of your school, who also like to show their support.

So don't miss out on this continuous and profitable fundraiser!

Getting back to High School Fundraising, there are 3 general steps to running a successful High School Fundraiser. Let's get into them and then we can look at some fundraising ideas...

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How to Run A High School Fundraiser:

Your first step is obviously going to be...

1. Choosing The Right Fundraiser/s:

Like I've already stated above, this will be really important for the success of your fundraiser. Every school is different and its students, parents and supporters will have different needs and likes.

For example you may want to do a sports event and so you'll look at what sports your students/parents/supporters enjoy playing the most...

Or what creative sports event (like a Dodgeball tournament) would they be the most excited about getting involved in.

Apparel Fundraiser is a MUST use High School Fundraiser! Learn more...

What products do they enjoy buying and/or eating?

Or are they sick of buying Candy Bars and would far rather donate $20 to a Product-Free Fundraiser (Crowdfunding). You get the point right?!

Your decision on what type of fundraiser will also depend on what type of fundraising team you have available (Although you shouldn't have too much difficulty developing a big and excited team because you're a school).

The more complex the fundraiser, the bigger or more skilled your team needs to be!

Obviously choosing your fundraiser is an important step and you should take your time looking through these High School Fundraising Ideas. But what is even more important is how you actually run that fundraiser...

2. Get Organized - Develop Your Fundraising Team:

Planning and preparing your High School Fundraiser efficiently will be the difference between an average fundraiser and a fantastically successful fundraiser.

You'll need to develop and prepare your fundraising team; order your products/brochures or setup your fundraising page; print out any paperwork or flyers needed; and decide on what add-on fundraisers you might use to increase your bottom line.

You will also need to clearly lay out a plan for the promotion of your fundraiser and how you'll fit in all the different aspects of it.

Delegate jobs out to your volunteers and have weekly/daily checkups on their progress.

Also think carefully on how you can increase your profitability or ensure attendance of your event.

For example: Instead of just inviting people to your car wash fundraiser, actually sell ticket vouchers before the car wash, and then also sell other fundraising items at the wash. Like maybe cool drinks or coffee!

That way you ensure that you actually make sales from your car wash (even if they don't end up coming for their car wash), and you increase your fundraising bottom line through the other sales you make.

The point is... Think out of the box!

If it's a sales based fundraiser you'll want to prepare your sales team with some basic selling skills and a sales pitch guideline.

A great eBook on fundraising that has some brilliant lessons on fundraising sales is "Let's Raise Money" by Jack Atwell.

Jack has had years of experience successfully fundraising for schools and he shares that experience and knowledge in his brilliant eBook. Read my review here or grab the book over here.

Once you've planned and fully organized your fundraiser it is then time to start promoting it and then execute it...

3. Promote & Execute:

Obviously some fundraising ideas will need more promoting than others but a good rule of thumb to have is... The more exposure you have for your fundraiser, the more likely it will be successful.

Most fundraising ideas on this site have suggestions for promoting them on their pages, but I'd suggest you read the Promoting Your Fundraiser page to get a good mix of great marketing ideas!

As for the execution of your fundraiser that will totally vary from fundraising idea to fundraising idea. If you've prepared properly the actual running of your fundraiser should be quite simple.

Just make sure that your team is accountable to each other and that all tasks are completed on time.

Now it's time for some High School Fundraising Ideas...

High School Fundraising Ideas:

Here are a couple of Fundraising Ideas I would highly recommend for any high school...

Apparel Fundraising:

I've already highlighted on this fundraising idea and as to why I highly recommend it for schools, in the introduction up above. It is quite simply the perfect High School Fundraiser!

You can setup an Online Apparel Store, plus you can sell your School Apparel directly to people through a physical store, or at events, etc.

For more info check out the Apparel Fundraising page and the Online Apparel page.

Food & Other Products:

Like lollipops, Cookie Dough, Pizza, Discount Cards, and Magazines, etc.

With schools, sales based fundraisers usually work superbly well as you have a great sales team at your disposal... Your students.

Just make sure you decide to sell the right products!

A great Fundraising Product supplier in the USA is GA Fundraising. Check them out and grab their FREE info kit...

Sports Events:

All your sporting events and sporting fixtures provide a great opportunity for your High School to fundraise.

Other sporting events and/or fun tournaments are also great fundraising ideas for schools. Like a Golf Day, a Tenpin Bowling Fundraiser, or a Dodgeball tournament!

Just remember, the bigger your event, the more organizing you will need to do!

Tenpin Bowling is another really fun High School Fundraiser! For great advice on High School Fundraising read here...

A great addition to all of your fundraising events, especially your Sports events, is the following idea...

Custom Water Bottles:

This is a really simple yet rewarding high school fundraiser that can be added to almost any fundraising event or fundraising idea.

Get some sponsors to advertise on your bottles (also have your logo on the bottle) and then sell them. Read here for more info and advice on this great idea.

For more High School ideas go here and for even more Ideas go here...

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