High School Fundraisers

Looking for some High School Fundraisers that are going to blow your fundraising campaign sky high?!

Well over the next two pages you'll find the best School Fundraising Ideas that you could use for your High School.

If you want some superb general advice on how to run Fundraisers for High Schools, read here.

And please take special note of the advice that I give in that page in regards to thinking carefully about what fundraising ideas will work best for your specific High School, before deciding on one!

When it comes to fundraising products you should also remember that certain products that are great for Primary Schools will not be as great for High Schools because of the "cool" factor.

You have to think about what ideas your students will be passionate about selling or promoting!

Alrighty, let's look at these fantastic High School Fundraisers...

High School Fundraising Ideas:

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Apparel | Golf Day | Gala Dinner | Other Sports Events | Flocking Flamingo Fundraiser | Brochure Fundraising | Internet Fundraising | Magazines | Inkjets | Cookbooks

Apparel Fundraising:

I highlighted this brilliant fundraising idea on the High School Fundraiser page but it's absolutely worthwhile repeating here...

This is a fundraising idea that every High School should be using.

Students, past-students, parents, family members, and other supporters will all be passionate about buying, wearing, and promoting Apparel displaying your High School brand and logos!

Apparel Fundraising is one of the most recommended High School Fundraisers! It's a fundraising idea that all High School Should be using...

For USA based fundraisers I'd highly recommend you use SSA Custom Apparel Stores to supply your Apparel. Through them you can setup an Online Apparel Store but also sell your Apparel offline through a physical store or at all your events, etc.!

Learn more about successful Apparel Fundraising and Online Apparel Fundraising.

Golf Day:

Golf days have consistently been one of the best and most successful fundraising events for every cause!

And they are definitely one of the best High School Fundraisers you can use!

My old High School runs multiple Golf Days throughout the year, organized and hosted by different groups within the School and the Old Boys society. And all of these Golf Days raise great funds for the School!

There is a lot of organizing involved though so find out how to run a successful Golf Day for your High School here. Your Golf Day will usually also include the following idea...

Gala Dinners:

This is another consistently successful fundraiser and is a fundraising idea that can be added to any sporting event or day.

But just like the golf day it will take much work and organization.

Gala Dinners are brilliant Fundraisers for all causes including High Schools! Just make sure you have some special guests there to make the dinner really attractive... Like in this photo with Butch James and Craig Joubert at the JCE Trust Gala Dinner.

You'll need a strong fundraising team/committee that thoroughly plans and executes the dinner. Guest speakers or top entertainment is a must if you want this fundraising idea to be a success!

Read this old issue from the Fundraiser Buzz newsletter for four top tips for having a successful Gala Fundraising Dinner!

Other Sports Events:

All your High School sporting fixtures and events provide the perfect opportunity to fundraise! So make sure you use them effectively...

For example you should be selling your Custom Fundraising Water Bottles, other food and drinks, your Fundraising Apparel, and other Fundraising Products. And what about the reliable Raffle!

Then there are other Sporting Events that your School could hold like a Dodgeball Tournament, a Tenpin Bowling Fundraiser, or any sports tournament/event that your students and supporters would love to take part in!

Flocking Flamingo Fundraiser:

This is a fundraiser that many High School students have been using effectively. It's creative, fun and can just keep going all season!

You'll need plastic Flamingos, willing students, and a friendly neighborhood! Learn more about this creative fundraiser here...

Brochure Fundraising:

There are two types of fundraisers that go under this name...

One is Brochure fundraising through a fundraising company like Easy Fundraising Ideas, where you order Free Brochures for one of their fundraising products.

You then get orders (and payment) from supporters through those product brochures, which you then process through to the company who sends the products and you keep the profits!

Some popular Brochure Fundraisers are... Cookie Dough, Candles, Flower Bulbs and Coffee.

Check out GA Fundraising for a great selection of Brochure Fundraising Products.

The other type of Brochure Fundraising is when you create an Advertising Brochure which companies and businesses advertise in.

You then hand out those Brochures at all your events etc. for free and obviously raise funds through the advertisers.

It's another Fundraiser that my old High School has used really effectively!

Internet Ideas:

There are loads and loads of ways to fundraise on the internet and your High School can definitely take advantage of some of them.

Some of the best ideas are Crowdfunding, Online Apparel, Affiliate Fundraising, and if you have a high traffic website, Get Paid Per Click Fundraising!

Find more great Internet Fundraising Ideas here.


Fundraising with Magazines or Magazine Subscriptions is another tried and tested fundraiser that should work well for any High School.

Make sure that you promote the right magazines though. Magazines that your students and their parent, etc will actually want to read!

Inkjet Fundraising:

Inkjet Fundraising through Recycling and Sales! Another brilliant High School Fundraising Idea!

There are two really brilliant High School Fundraisers that you can use with Inkjets...

The first is a recycling fundraiser... where your school will collect used Inkjet Cartridges and send them in for recycling.

It seems quite novel but this fundraiser has actually raised huge funds for many groups. In the USA the Funding Factory provides a brilliant Recycling Inkjet Fundraiser.

For non-US High Schools I'd suggest you use a Google Search below to find a recycler who may offer cash for Inkjets near you...

The second idea is by selling Inkjet Cartridges. There are many companies online and offline that will pay commissions for the sale of their cartridges.

If you effectively combine these two ideas you'll have a great fundraising combination that will bring in loads of funds!!! For more info on both of them take a look here.

And Finally... Cookbooks:

You may wonder why I have included this fundraising idea with all these other High School Fundraisers!

The simple explanation is that this is actually a brilliant fundraising idea that is often overlooked. For the right High Schools, in particular Girls High Schools, this idea will be superbly successful.

So take the time to read the Fundraising Cookbooks page to get the most out of this fundraiser!

For more brilliant High School Fundraisers go here to page two.

And for ideas on promoting your fundraiser read here .

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