PTA Fundraising Ideas

Below you will find 15 brilliant PTA Fundraising Ideas that will help explode your fundraising campaign.

So whether you call yourselves a PTA or a PTO (Parents Teachers Association /Organization), you will always need creative fundraising ideas to raise those much needed funds for your school.

And these ideas are definitely 15 of the best!

You’ll also find some great tips on running PTA Fundraising over here, as well as a couple more ideas.

And look down at the bottom for some recommended resources for these PTA Fundraising Ideas.

Here are some superb PTA Fundraising Ideas to boost your fundraising campaigns... (Photo by Selena N. B. H. / Flickr)

Let’s get into to them then...

PTA Fundraising Ideas:

Apparel Fundraising
All schools should be fundraising with Apparel. It’s a continuous fundraiser that provides sustainability and can be run offline and/or online through an Online Apparel Store off SSA Custom Apparel.

Gala Dinners
Gala dinners and other fundraising dinners are always brilliant options. For example a simple Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser is very rewarding. Or what about a Dueling Piano Dinner!

Content Website
This is a brilliantly unique fundraising idea that is highly underused. Develop an informational website (on any topic) that brings in funds through multiple online avenues!

Get Paid Per Click
One of those fundraising avenues for a Content Website will be Contextual Advertising, which is also a rewarding option if you have a high visitor volume School website!

Car Wash Fundraiser
A novel and simple idea, but it is a fundraiser that continues to raise great funds for many groups. Just make sure you plan it effectively!

A Car Wash Fundraiser is a great idea for your PTA Fundraising. Find out more... (Photo by Dave Parker / Flickr)

Discount Fundraiser Cards
The WIN-WIN-WIN fundraiser. You win, your supporters win, and the sponsoring merchants win. Learn how...

Bracelet Fundraisers
Custom Silicon Bracelets are a great addition to any group’s fundraising campaign. Design a cool bracelet that your students and their parents (family) will be proud to wear!

Gift Baskets
Gift Baskets are an extremely rewarding fundraising idea that can be used in a few different ways.

Trivia Evening
This brilliant event is one of the best PTA Fundraising Ideas around. It’s a really fun event that has huge fundraising potential.

You’ll need to subscribe to the fundraiser buzz to get your Free Copy of the Trivia Evening Fundraising Guide. It has all the advice you’ll need to succeed with this fundraising event!

Brick Fundraising
Get supporters or businesses to sponsor your fundraiser by getting their names on plaques or bricks in a building or on your website’s sponsor wall. It’s a brilliant Crowdfunding idea!

Custom Water Bottles
This super fundraising product raises funds through sales of water bottles and through advertisements on the bottles. And you can add it to any other PTA Fundraising Ideas!

For USA based PTA’s get your Custom Water Bottles here.

Sports Tournaments
Any type of sporting event can and should be used to raise funds. Then there are loads of sports that can be turned into tournaments for your PTA to fundraise with, like a Golf Day.

There are many different types of auctions that you can hold and the item possibilities are limitless. You could have an online auction, a live auction, or even a silent auction. Just get creative and get going!

This should be an annual fundraiser for your PTA or School. Have a specific theme for each Calendar and use great photos that represent your school. Then make sure you sell advertisements in the Calendars and also highlight special dates!

Food Taste Evening
Another really fun fundraising event that gets everyone involved! Learn some great tips for Food Taste Fundraising Success here.

Some really great PTA Fundraising Ideas right!!!

Fundraising Resources:

Here are some highly recommended fundraising resources for these PTA Fundraising Ideas...

The Almanac of Fundraising Ideas
This is the most comprehensive fundraising eBook I have ever read. You won’t need another fundraising ideas resource after reading this book!

GA Fundraising
Will supply all the fundraising products you need. From Lollipops to discount cards. Grab their free fundraising info kit off their website!

SSA Custom Apparel Stores
Provides an incredible platform for Schools and other groups to fundraise with Apparel online. Also supplies for all your offline Apparel Sales!

Fundrazr (Setup a FREE online donation page)
It's brilliant Crowdfunding Site (Online Donations)!

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