Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas

So you’re looking for some Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas to raise funds for a Charity, Cancer Research, or Treatment?

Well down below you will find the most highly recommended fundraising ideas for breast cancer!

Your first step though, if you are not a Breast Cancer charity yourself, is to actually find a Charity or cause that will be your beneficiary (if you don’t have one already).

Once you have decided on a beneficiary you should contact them to get permission to fundraise for them and find out what the best process is to get the funds to them.

Pink Ribbon Pins & Buttons are a great ideas for Breast Cancer Fundraising. (Photo by Williami5 / Flickr)

Many Charities have a profile on Crowdfunding sites that you can easily link your fundraising efforts to through a personalized page.

If you are a Cancer Charity and haven’t done this yet check out the first idea below on Crowdfunding to find out more.

Alrighty, let’s get on with it...

Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas:

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Crowdfunding | A Challenge | Participant Based Events | Apparel & Other Products | Raffles & Auctions


The simple explanation of this idea is:

Acquire donations from a Crowd of people!

What you do is setup a fundraising/donation page on a Crowdfunding site like this excellent platform, explaining what it is that you are fundraising for, and then promote that page like mad to everyone you know.

You can even choose your favorite Cancer Charity to be the beneficiary of your fundraiser. Funds will go directly to them!

There are some key Must Do’s though...

So read through all three pages of the Online Donations Fundraiser for the How To of executing this fundraiser successfully!

And for actual Charities...

If you are a Breast Cancer Charity then you can setup a Charity Page on this Crowdfunding Website, or any of the many other Crowdfunding sites.

You can then run your own campaigns through that page and also encourage supporters to setup their own personal campaigns, with you as the beneficiary.

It’s a phenomenal way of marketing your cause and raising funds through a crowd of donations!

Acquire Offline Donations Too...

Even if you are successfully fundraising online you must also look for ways to acquire donations offline.

Use volunteers or participants with Donations Sheets, and also place out donation boxes in high traffic areas! Another fun way of getting donations, if you have a group of people helping with your fundraising, is by using Scratch Cards!

You can then add your Offline Donations to your fundraising total on your Online Donation page!

You will also use Crowdfunding for the next fundraising idea...

A Challenge:

Breast Cancer Fundraising Challenges are some of the best ideas you could use to raise funds for Breast Cancer awareness and treatment. (Photo by Maurer Foundation / Flickr)

A great way of raising awareness and getting donations for Breast Cancer research or treatment is through a sponsored challenge.

It could be anything that is a challenge to you and will capture people’s attention and imagination. A few examples would be...

  • A sponsored cycle
  • A sponsored swim
  • A mountain climb
  • Hike
  • Sky Dive (if you have a fear of heights)
  • Sponsored silence
  • A Marathon, etc.

The more difficult or challenging to you, the more attention you will catch and therefore the more you will raise.

So what are your limitations? What are your fears? What can you use to grab attention and get people behind you?

You could do this fundraising method alone, or you could even do it as a group.

How do you actually get funded though?

You will obviously use a Crowdfunding Campaign above to take donations, or through a Pledge based fundraiser (see below), where people will pledge a certain amount of funds per unit completed.

For example, $1 for every Kilometer cycled.

This Challenge based fundraiser will fit perfectly into the next fundraising idea as well...

Participant Based Events:

This is a Breast Cancer Fundraising Idea where participants (Bowlers, Golfers, Runners, etc.) take part in the actual fundraising for the event, by getting friends to donate or pledge to them in benefit of the Charity.

Walkathons, Marathons, Bowlathons, etc. are all brilliant Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas!!! (Photo by Robert Neff / Flickr)

It’s pretty much the above two fundraisers combined on a much larger scale with many participants.

The events could be...

Setup your Event Website for Fundraising...

What you will do is setup an event website or Pledge website with DoJiggy, where participants can register and setup their own personalized fundraising pages for the event.

Obviously that’s not the only step to organizing the event and you will have to put some planning in and also promoting to make sure you get participants involved.

DoJiggy has some great tips on setting up successful Pledge Events that you should make use of, like this Guide on How to Organize a Walkathon!


You should also look to include a Gala Dinner into your event, which will provide more great ways of raising funds!

Have a raffle, an auction, great food, awesome guest speakers and great entertainment.

Apparel & Other Products:

Cancer Apparel like T Shirts and pink ribbon buttons, and other fundraising products, provide some brilliant Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas. Combine them with your online fundraising or sell them directly to supporters.

A brilliant way to start an Apparel Fundraiser for FREE is to use an online SSA Custom Apparel Store, which is free to setup and run.

You can then link it to your website and Social Media accounts, driving supporters to the store, to purchase your Breast Cancer Apparel items.

You may also want to consider selling other fundraising products like Foods, Discount Cards or Scrip.

Check out this comprehensive list of fundraising products to get some ideas and find some great tips for successfully fundraising with those products!

Raffles & Auctions:

Raffles and Auctions are definitely some of the best Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas you could use to raise funds for research, your charity, or for treatment!

Raffles are really simple to setup and even though Auctions can be loads to organize, they are both really rewarding!

Once again DoJiggy offers a brilliant Online Auction Platform to make managing your silent auction and your online auctions really simple! Definitely try out their FREE trial.

Success Point...

The most important thing for the success of your Auction or Raffle, other than the sales and/or promoting of them, is to have absolutely amazing prizes and auction items!

Items that people really want and will be willing to buy loads of raffle tickets for, or willing to go all out to win the bidding for those items!

Read more about successfully fundraising with Raffles here and Auctions here.

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