Cheap Fundraising Ideas

Are you struggling for initial capitol to set up a fundraiser?

Then what you need are some cheap fundraising ideas!!!

Below you will find cheap fundraisers that are simple to set up, but are both highly rewarding and profitable!

All you have to do is make sure you run them properly and effectively, and you will bring in those much needed funds...

Cheap Fundraisers:

Starting with...

Internet Fundraising:

Most Internet Fundraising Ideas will be cheap or free to set up... Like the Online Donations Fundraiser which I highly recommend. It's also known as Crowdfunding.

Many of these ideas will also be most effective with a fundraiser website, like Get Paid Per Click Fundraising or Affiliate Fundraising.

But there are quite a few that will not need a website, like the Online Apparel Fundraiser below, where the use of a Facebook page and twitter account can be all you need to boost that fundraiser.

Please note that I do highly recommend every fundraising cause has a website though.

For more Internet Fundraising Ideas go here.

Cheap Fundraising Ideas - The Magazine Fundraiser. Learn more on this profitable fundraiser... (Photo by Valerie Everett / Flickr)

Magazine Fundraiser:

This is one of my most recommended fundraisers!

It's simple to set up, free, and it can be extremely profitable.

What you do is sell subscriptions to people for their favourite magazines. Your cause then earns a commission off every subscription.

You can set up your magazine fundraiser here.

Go here to learn more about these rewarding magazine fundraisers.

Online Apparel Fundraising:

Where most Apparel fundraising will cost funds for you to set up (Printing fees etc.), this way is absolutely free.

Recommended Resources:

SSA Apparel Stores

From setting it up, to selling your customized apparel.

It's also reasonably hassle-free and I'd highly recommend it for Schools, Churches, Sports teams/clubs, and other similar groups.

Find out more about this excellent fundraiser here. Or set your Online Apparel Store up here.

Donations From The Streets:

This is one of the most unique, cheap fundraising ideas.

Simply what you will do is dress up in something outlandish that sticks out and 'Take To The Streets' asking for donations from anyone and everyone.

This idea can work amazingly well and if you get the media involved you can raise some huge awareness for your cause.

This fundraiser will also work exceptionally well alongside an Online Donations Fundraiser setup either on a Crowdfunding Website (like this one) or through a Supporter Wall on your website!

If you use a Crowdfunding Website they will handle all your donations, but with a Supporter Wall you are required to have a PayPal account who will handle the donations.

Read more about this cheap fundraising idea here.

The Lollipop Fundraiser:

Lollipops are a cheap fundraising product that is easy to sell... Why?

Because it's so cheap for supporters to buy as well!

This profitable fundraising idea will be driven by a sales team. Make sure you prepare them properly and give them some incentives to sell loads of Lollipops, like having a prize for best seller!

I would highly recommend that you read "Let's Raise Money" for advice on how to get the most out of your sales team.

More On The Lollipop Fundraiser here.

The Non-Product Fundraiser:

A great idea contributed by our readers...

Instead of asking your organization's members, parents, or supporters to buy candy bars, or any other product, for the tenth year running, inform them that you will be running a non-product fundraiser...

So instead of them having to take the hassle of buying another box of whatever product, all they need to do is send in a $10 donation!

Read more of what Chaplain Slater and Sherri had to say about this idea at the Non-Candy Bar Fundraiser and the Hassle Free fundraiser visitor contributions.

Make it easy for your supporters to donate by setting it up online as a Crowdfunder.

Easy Fundraising Idea -
With a Fundraising Toolbar:

Most people search the web and I'm sure most of your supporters and members do as well.

So use this everyday phenomenon to raise funds through a fundraising toolbar.

This fundraiser is completely FREE to set up and if you advertise and raise enough awareness for it, you will have a continuous and profitable fundraiser.

Read more about this Easy Fundraising Idea.

Discount Fundraiser Cards:

Another product fundraiser that is really cheap and simple to fundraise with.

Simply put... people love discounts!

And if they can get discounts and support your cause at the same time, they are most certainly excited!

This is another fundraiser that Jack Atwell's Fundraising book will come in handy with, as it is a sales driven fundraiser!

To find out more about discount cards click here.

A Few More Cheap Fundraisers:

Here are a few others you should consider using...

Some great, cheap fundraising ideas, right?!

Wrapping Up Cheap Fundraising Ideas:

These cheap fundraising ideas are great ways for getting your fundraising campaign up and running without having to spend much money!

They will also be extremely profitable if run properly! And that is why it is important to read the info provided here and by fundraising professionals like Jack Atwell.

You want to be absolutely sure that you are getting the most out of your fundraisers! You want to make sure you cover all bases and are as profitable as possible.

I wish you the best of luck!!!

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