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There are many Cancer Fundraisers that you could use...

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Cancer Fundraising Ideas:

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Cancer Donations:

Obviously for Cancer Charities you'll want to setup a method for acquiring donations directly off your website that also provides the option for supporters to sign up to monthly donations.

BUT... for most Cancer Research/Treatment/Awareness campaigns, Crowdfunding Donations is the way to go!

Setup a donation page/profile on a Crowdfunding Website, and promote that page through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, other Social Media, and through other promotional methods!

Cancer Fundraisers like Donation Campaigns are the best ways to get your fundraising moving! (Photo by Miles Against Melanoma PA / Flickr)

If you are a Charity you can also register with different Crowdfunding Platforms and get individuals to fundraise  for you through their own personalized pages. You will receive all funds raised. Definitely worth setting up!

On the other hand, DoJiggy's donation software/service will help you with your general site donations and acquiring "monthly recurring donations".

For more info on Cancer Donations read here.

Charity Donors:

If your Charity isn't growing its donor base yet, or needs to develop it further there are two resources that I highly recommend you get your hands on.

They were developed by a group of fundraising professionals that I probably have the most respect for in the fundraising industry.

They are a MUST for all Charity Fundraisers and committees. They are...

  1. 100 Donors in 90 Days.
  2. The Donor Retention Project!

Awareness Fundraisers:

There are quite a few fundraisers that will not only raise funds for your cause but will also raise awareness.

A great example is Apparel Fundraising!

You raise funds through the sale of your organization or cause apparel. Then when people wear those apparel items, they broadcast your cause to the world!

It's a double benefit that is so worthwhile!

So here are a few Cancer Fundraisers you should look into...

Cancer Fundraising Events:

Events are a superb way of raising awareness and funds for any Cancer Cause, and there are loads of causes using them very effectively.

To name a few there is the Relay for Life that raises funds and awareness for the American Cancer Society, the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, amongst other Breast Cancer fundraising walks, etc.

Here are the best Cancer Fundraisers like Walkathons for Breast Cancer, etc. (Photo by Robert Neff / Flickr)

One of the main ways of cancer event fundraising is through Participant Crowdfunding or Pledge Fundraising.

For example, through a Walkathon where each individual participant will have their own fundraising/pledge page and will get donations for the Cancer Cause from their network of friends!

To help you setup a Pledge event, in particular the participant registrations and pledge management side, I'd suggest you try out DoJiggy’s pledge fundraising software.

Here are some specific events you could look into...

Other Cancer Fundraisers:

Here are a few other highly recommended cancer fundraisers to consider...

Wishing you all the best for your Cancer Fundraising!!!

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