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So What is Relay for Life?

Relay for Life is an event that happens in over 20 countries, that raises awareness and funds for the American Cancer Society.

It's a 24 hour walk-a-thon that happens on a selected track with many different groups and participants taking part.

With the participants and groups obviously raising funds beforehand and during the event!

Relay for Life #Fundraising Ideas - The most recommended ideas and many more!  (Photo by DieselDemon / Flickr)

It's a great cause to take part in and I would highly recommend it for someone looking for a cause to fundraise for.

To find out more check out this really cool video on the Relay for Life (RFL) story at the bottom of the page (With a link below it to help you find RFL events near to you).

Let's get into the ideas...

Relay For Life Fundraising Ideas:

There are many Relay for Life fundraising ideas that you can use, but we are going to focus on the most rewarding and effective ideas. Starting with...


This is probably the most used Relay for Life Fundraising Idea!

And it is essentially an idea that every group will probably use in one way or another. It's a donations fundraiser that is usually setup online, and is simply... Funding from a crowd of people.

So what you or your group does is setup a campaign page on a Crowdfunding website, that explains what you are doing and what you are fundraising for... And then promotes that page like crazy to all friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances through Social Media and other mediums!

You then raise funds as people donate on that fundraising page. So...

Learn how to Crowdfund Successfully...

To get a comprehensive guide of how to make your Crowdfunding successful you need to read all three pages of the Online Donations Fundraiser. It'll teach you how to set your page up properly for best results, and how promote it effectively!

To setup your Relay for Life donations fundraiser for FREE, go here.

Another unique way of doing this is through the Cancer Fundraising Wall idea below. Check it out.

Offline Donations:

You can also take donations offline to add to your online campaign.

Use donations sheets, donation boxes, scratch cards and possibly this unique fundraiser idea - "Taking to the Streets"!

Pledge Fundraising:

This is quite similar to the idea above but with quite a few extra features...

DoJiggy's Pledge software enables your group to setup a personalized website for your fundraising campaign that participants can register on, and take pledges and donations! Each participant will get a personal fundraising page on the site, which he/she can promote.

Yes you can take single donations from this platform, but the point is to get pledges for each completed "action".

For example: In the case of a Relay for Life event, you could be looking to get people to Pledge an amount for each lap of the track done, or for each hour of walking done! Say $5 dollars for every lap.

The following image is how DoJiggy explains the Features of their Pledge Fundraising Platform...

Relay for Life Fundraising through Pledges. DoJiggy's Pledge service explained.

The benefits to this method as opposed to the Crowdfunding fundraiser above are...

  1. Obviously the fact that you can take pledges for laps done etc, as opposed to just a donation.
  2. You can add far more information about your Relay for Life group, your story, the Relay for Life story, Cancer research, etc, etc, with multiple pages on this platform.

The downside is of course that there is a larger amount of work needed to set your campaign up.

Apparel Fundraising:

Selling Relay for Life t shirts and other apparel is a super idea for your RFL Fundraising.

It will provide great funds and also raise awareness for your specific group and Relay for Life in general.

You can setup a FREE personalized online apparel store for your group here. Just make sure that if you are going to use the Relay for Life name and logo, that you get permission to do so first.

Find out how to make your Online Apparel Fundraiser profitable here.

List of Ideas:

Cancer Fundraising Walls (Brick Fundraising) - This is a brilliant Crowdfunding idea.

Get people to buy blocks or spaces on a wall honoring someone fighting cancer or who lost the fight with cancer, in support of Cancer research. You can use a physical wall or board, or an online wall.

Fundraising Cards - Like Discount Cards or Scratch Cards.

Inkjets - Recycling or selling new inkjet and LaserJet cartridges is a fundraising idea that many causes have used to raise big funds. It's worth investigating!

Auctions & Raffles - The two fundraising ideas that are so adaptable to any event or fundraising campaign. Consider taking your Auction online to widen your reach and potential.

Golf Tournament Fundraiser - One of the best and most common fundraising events. You'll find loads of ideas to make your Golf Day really profitable!

Relay for Life Pictures Fundraiser - Photo fundraisers can definitely be adapted into this event, and the fundraising for it. Take a look.

Relay for Life Fundraising Ideas - The most recommended ideas and many more! (Photo by Ahmad Ziyad Maricar / Flickr)

Selling Food Fundraising Products - Cookie Dough, Lollipops, Beef Jerky, Coca Cola Fundraiser, Pasta, etc.

Candles!!! One of the best Relay for Life fundraising ideas. Candles are a huge theme for all the RFL events (as you'll see in the "story" video down below).

Custom Bracelets - A common and popular Cancer fundraising product that's really simple to get made and really simple to sell!

The Flocking Flamingo Fundraiser - You'll have to follow the link to find out how this super cool/fun/creative fundraising idea works! There's not enough space here to explain! :-)

Gift Baskets - To sell, or Raffle off. A simple idea, that works really well.

Dueling Pianos - Have fun with your friends at this event where the entertainment is two Pianists who duel it out!

Buttons & Badges - Really cool Relay for Life fundraising ideas! Promoting a person's support for Cancer Research or Relay for Life.

Fundraising with Water Bottles - Such a simple idea that can fit into any event, be run on its own, and also raise awareness for the American Cancer Society or your group through the logo on the bottles!

Krispy Kreme & Jamba Juice - The latter will likely be the better option to go with as it is a "healthy" product, which I think is a strong theme with Relay for Life events.

Unique Ideas - You can also look into these funny ideas, fun ideas, cheap ideas, and earth friendly fundraisers.

So how's that for a list of profitable and rewarding Relay for Life fundraising ideas?!

If you have any Relay for Life fundraising ideas ideas to add, then please add them here.

Also look to use a Fundraising Thermometer to display your fundraising goal and progress towards it, with all your Relay For Life fundraising ideas!

Good luck with your fundraising and I hope you're able to raise huge funds and awareness for the American Cancer Society!

Relay for Life's Story - Plus Events:

If you want to find out a bit more about the RFL and its story, then watch this cool video of theirs explaining it...

If you'd like to find an event near you then check out their events page. It will also help answer your question of "when is Relay for Life?"

Where are you?

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